July 31, 2006

i heart mondays!

I've mentioned how I need my Mondays for recovery. I remember getting the Sunday Blues as a child because school was the next day... and when in the work force I dreaded Mondays and work... and now I need Monday to get things back together!

It's definitely the case for today.

Wow- what a loooooooong weekend! It was a time of ups & downs for us... hubby had to work in the mornings on a photo shoot for a project he is working on. It was also my mom's 50th birthday weekend and I was trying to get everything together for that.

Then while I was feeding Gray some vanilla yogurt to help with a small diaper rash, he broke out in horrible hives all over his face & arms. This was not on the agenda today!

I have dealt with hives before with the kids and he wasn't struggling to breathe- he just looked horrible and was itching all over, in his ears and eyes. Praise God we have a store just a mile away where I can get homeopathics. I got that and also talked to our ND (Naturopathic Doctor) on the phone, checked inside Gray's mouth for hives, and didn't have to go to the ER. The hives cleared up quickly and Gray was fine. We just now found out that he & I will have to be dairy-free! Whee!

We did sneak in going to the beach Saturday evening and I think that was my favorite moment of the weekend. So peaceful and we witnessed the most beautiful sunset. I hope to think back and always remember those moments first from this weekend.

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Sunday morning before hubby was off to do the next photo shoot, we received a call that the photographer working with him on the project had been killed Saturday night. It was hard to make out all the details as everyone was so upset. He was on his motorcycle and some sort of high-speed car chase was involved, and he was in the way. He was a husband. He was a daddy to a six-year-old boy that was still asleep & unaware when we got the news.

Gosh, as much running around and craziness going on in our house this weekend, this took everything and put it to a screeching halt.

Hubby and I embraced and wanted to make sure we know how much we love each other, how precious life is and things can change in an instant. When the kids woke up they got extra big hugs and sentiments from daddy, even more than usual.

It was a time for remembering, again, just what is important.

Hubby had to go on to work and notify some people; get things figured out for the day. I headed to church with just enough time and worked in the nursery. We had a nice birthday lunch at Olive Garden and then I had to head to Party City to find a couple last minute "Turning 50" things. The weather decided to go from extremely HOT to suddenly cool and the sky transformed all Wizard of Oz-like! People were standing at the doors waiting to go out to their cars because of the torrential rain and hail! I chatted it up with some of the other stranded strangers, they asked about the cool contraption of a sling that I had Gray in, and then the power went out.

So funny that when the power goes out, it causes everyone to freak for just a micro-second. And everyone gets quiet and talks more hushed. Why is that?

But, in just a few minutes the power was back on and all was well. It was still raining outside but letting up a bit. With Gray in the sling and my umbrella in hand (I had spied that sky and knew I might need it) I headed for the van and we made it, quite dry.

We went about the rest of the day driving to & fro to get things done. Finally got our party underway and I think it was a hit.

I could not wait to collapse into bed and did exactly that.

And I was so happy that today was Monday.


  1. It is nice to get back to a regular routine again after crazy weekends. :)

  2. Wow. That is a lot to have happen in one weekend. I am so sorry about the death of your husbands associate. That is terrible.

    I am glad Gray is okay. I like you more and more each time I read your blog. I love that you are a homeopath junkie too! Yeah for naturals!!!

  3. I should have posted what we used for Gray's hives: King Bio spray for skin irritations and itch relief. We also have the one for sinus. The spray is for the mouth and also can be sprayed topically on the skin. We also use colloidal silver that our ND makes himself- and that is a wonderful cure for MANY things!

  4. WoW! What a crazy mad busy weekend! So wonderful you got a breather at the beach. Collodial silver.... THAT is sone FINE stuff! I had a second degree burn on my hand once & used it obsessively. Voila! Burn gone & no scar! added bonus! Thank you for the info on the King Bio spray. Now I just have to find a health food store in our new 'hood.

  5. Wow, I'm glad your Gray is ok and that no visit to the ER was necessary. I am very much into natural remedies as well as homeopathics and I'm curious as to how you found your ND were you referred to them or did ya just take a chance out of the phone book. I'm just curious since I'm currently looking here what your opinion would be. Thanks!

  6. That is a crazy weekend! I'd need a couple of mondays to recover! I'm so sorry to hear of your husbands associates death, and that poor Gary has hives!

  7. Oh that poor family...

    So sorry to hear such tragic news. I definitely hold mine a little closer each time I hear of a tragedy.

    Glad Gray is past the hives so quickly! They'll always keep us on our toes!

  8. You never know the time or the place where He is going to call us home. I need to remember this more and love each and every day that I have with my family. Remember the BIG picture. Not always easy when it gets nuts, but then you hear stories, like your's, and you can't help to stop and thank God for another day with your family. Blessings Amy

  9. Crazy! Poor thing about the hives - Lil' Duck is on soy things also, it isn't so bad ;).

  10. What a weekend you had -- hives, horrible news, and a party. Quite the emotional rollercoaster. It's amazing how one event can change everything in a heartbeat. It's good to take a step back in the midst of craziness and just remember how blessed we are. I'm glad all is well with your little man!


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