July 20, 2006

Friends Are Good

Tonight Gray & I were able to escape for a bit with my good friend Ashlee and her little man Xavier. She treated me to Panera (yum) & some good conversation and we treated the other diners to oohs and ahhs and "So cute," "How old?" & "Babies are wonderful!" Then we went together to an LLL meeting where we got in some more good discussion with other moms & babes. Gray is already crazy for Xav, and spent most of the meeting trying to get to him! I just had to snap a pic of these two buds riding together in the back of the car- Gray zonked out right away, and as you can see- Xavier is WIDE awake!

When I got home, I was excited to experience the greeting Daddy gets every day when he gets home from work. The boys actually missed me! When I walked in, Jeff had just put them to bed and I heard Carter say "I want my Mommy." Usually it's "I want my Daddy" or "When's Daddy coming home?" All. Day. Long.

But tonight, what a treat- I went out for a much needed girl-mommy-gray-time and then came home to a family that loves me and misses me when I'm not there, even if it seems sometimes that they are tired of me when I am there day in & day out!

I also had to share the surprise I had the other day on my doorstep from Jess at O Mama Mia - who was so awesomely thoughtful to send me this package when she read my 3 Things post.

I told hubby I am going to mention how I'd love a 2007 Hyundai Entourage or a vacation in Hawaii next.


  1. Girlfriend time away is always a good thing. Tonight, my youngest looked up at me after dinner and, clinging to my shirt, says "mommy, don't go". Go where? :)


  2. We had a great time - So good to get out! The photo turned out awesome, Gray is beautifully zonked and Xav looks either a bit scared or really wired :) Look at those chins! We'll have to do it again - SOON.

    I'm so glad you got a taste of the "Daddy greeting". It feels wonderful to be missed and I'm sure it reinforces just how much they love their sweet Mommy!

    Enjoy your tea, and the Entourage... I'm liking it! Have a great day :)

  3. What a good time away. Those breaks always seem so needed to recharge batteries.

    I hope you get your Entourage. It looks like a great mini-van.

    The babies are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Glad you had a fun get-a-way, and a happy greeting when you came home!!!!
    Love your smile in your new profile pic!!!

  5. I am so jealous of the tea! At 5 bucks a pop that is a great little package!!!

    Yes I highly recommend mentioning other things you like in future posts... of course not all of us have your home address.

    Glad you had a great night out! A nice prelude to the weekend!

  6. Finally Blogger is letting me comment on your blog! Aaaargh, blogger!

    So glad you got to get away for a while. I hardly ever get to have that daddy greeting too. It's oh so nice when it happens - it not only means you got have some time away but you can also see you are loved in a slightly different way than the every day.

  7. oh so glad you had a good time - and a warm wlecome home. we need to enjoy those times.

    And what a great package - so nice!!!!

  8. not only is it a wonderful thing when they miss and want you, but it's a wonderful thing to miss THEM, too.

    i always find that when i get a little break the reunion is so sweet. we remember to appreciate each other and celebrate being together--even if only in a small way.

  9. Ohhhhh.... you funny funny girl!! If you find a sponsor for the vehicle or Hawaaii, let me know! I'd be happy to meet up with you in HI. :) I wish I could get out more for those much needed gal around times. I'm really happy you got that much needed time. I'd be pleased with girl nite, with my girl!! I don't need time away from her, just time WITH other gals...

  10. I am so happy to hear you got a night out. Funny...you long to leave the kids, but can't wait to see them again. Definitely needed!!!

    By the way I heard a lot of good things about you, Ashlee!!! :)


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