July 7, 2006

Elementary Meme

Looks like grade-school memories are showing up all across blogland. If you want to get in on the fun, let me know and I'll link you here. What are we talking about? Read Elementary, My Dear. Don't forget to stop by to see what others are writing, too. Everyone has such neat stories and remember the craziest things!

Here's who has participated so far:

~Ashlee at
New Mama's Nest (the one who inspired this meme in the first place!!)
~Lori at
Glass Half Full
~Nicole at
All That Sassafrass
~Stephanie at
For Better Or For Worse
~Dawnyel at Tales of a RubbaUndiesLuva
~Naddin J at What On Earth Is That Smell?
~And pop on over to see a great post (she even went and visited her elementary school for this one!) at Terrible Speller
~Check out new blogger Heidi over at Butterfly Mama (love that name!)

Let me know in your comments if you're playing along, too!


  1. Wow...I can't believe you're posting everyone who's doing it! :) Thanks for the link! AND the comment!

  2. That is really neat Stephanie. Thank you for the link back, and for the linky on your blogroll. I'm honored!

    I'm linkin' back at you!

  3. Everyone's memories are so much fun! Thanks for pushing this along!

  4. Hi, This was really fun to read and do. I have one posted finally!


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