July 11, 2006

3 Things...

I’ve been tagged by Jess at O Mama Mia!

3 Things That Scare Me
Scary movies- won’t watch them! (But, I love anything by M. Night Shyamalan!)
Ants inside the house
What this world is coming to

3 People That Make Me Laugh
Dwight from The Office
My family in Louisiana (those southerners can say anything and I think it’s funny)

3 Things I Love
Quiet times
How it feels after I’ve finished exercising
Uninterrupted family time when we’re all hanging out and laughing together

3 Things I Hate
When someone "assumes"
When someone brags
pHARMaceutical companies

3 Things I Don’t Understand
How to drive a stick (I am going to get this someday!)
Football (I don’t care if I get this someday!)
Why does gas have to cost $3.15 a gallon again?

3 Things On My Desk
A little Eiffel tower from our honeymoon in Paris
My guitar (at least I can look at it even if I can't play it)
To-do list

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now
Nuzzling with Gray as he sleeps on my chest
Watching the boys play with Buzz & Woody
Thinking about my grocery list

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
Do something productive and helpful to others as a career with my hubby (after the kids are all grown), maybe missions?
See my grandchildren
Live as naturally and healthy as possible

3 Things I Can Do
Put together movie films and thread a movie projector, as well as make small repairs (from my movie theater managing days!)
All things through Christ, who gives me strength! (Philippians 4:13)

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
Open minded

3 Things I Can’t Do
Curl my tongue
Trust doctors & other “professionals” without doubt

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
Your motherly instinct
Your husband
Your children

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
Everything you read in emails or on the internet
Only one side of the story
What "everyone else" is doing or saying

3 Absolute Favorite Foods

Pad Thai
The Caesar sandwich at Leona's
Billy Jack's black bean soup- ohmygoodness so delicious!

3 Things I’d Like to Learn
How to be a doula
How to play my guitar for real!
How to make clothes and slings!

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
Water (lots and lots of water!)
Occasional (less frequent lately) Starbuck's iced skim vanilla latte
Traditional Medicinal's Mother's Milk tea (usually iced)

3 Shows I Watched as a Kid
Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog
Punky Brewster
Saved By The Bell

3 People I Tag
(only if you feel like it!)
Ashlee at New Mama's Nest
Heidi at Butterfly Mama
Beth at Total Mom Haircut


  1. I loved Saved by the Bell and Little house on the Prairie when I was a kid...

    This was a fun one to get to know you a little better! Honeymoon in Paris? How awesome!!!

  2. We had a layover in Paris once and I picked up a little Eiffel Tower...and it is in fact on my desk :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I adore you more & more! Doula? You ROCK!!!
    "pHARMaceutical"? CRAFTY!!!
    And for the MMtea? E-mail me your mailing addy. I have a CASE of that stuff left from when I was nursing S. She weaned herself in Feb.
    Thanks so much for playing!!

  4. These are so fun to read! I can't believe I forgot Dwight! I LOVE him, he makes me laugh so hard!

  5. Can't WAIT to see Lady in the Water!! But then again I love MOST scary/suspesful movies. ESPECAILLY M. Night's!! AND if you ever WANT to learn about football, just come hang out with me during football season. I LOVE it!! And we could play guitar together AND SING!!! SO much fun!! I loved getting to know more about you though. Fun stuff!!

  6. M. Night movies scare me so bad. LOL! We just watched The Village for the first time this past week. I watched a big part of it looking through my fingers.

  7. I love Pad Thai too, along with the other favs that I posted since I finally got this up on my blog too! I didn't have much time for blogging today!

  8. Ditto on Dwight making you laugh and Punky Brewster!!! :) Love both shows.

    And I agree- pretty creative w/ the pHARMaceutical play on words.

  9. Ah! Somehow I missed this post. Glad that once I started reading I just kept going and saw that I've been TAGGED!

    Loved Punky! Love the doula idea too. I've actually just started looking into how to become a lactation consultant. Probably will do LLL leader first...that's the new plan anyway.

    Thanks for the tag. I have that elementary school memories one to do first.

  10. Just found your blog and wanted to say HI! Love your boys names. I honeymooned in Paris too :)

    I would LOVE to be a doula, maybe one day when I have moer time. Im about to give birth to baby#4 so will have to wait a few years I think.
    Look forward to reading more about you

  11. I love your Blog! With these cute guys you cant go wrong! I have little ones as well, and, I wanted to tell all mom's out there that there is a promo sale for hip, boys designer clothes and Girls too! Check this site out! Biscotti, Urban Smalls and Giggle moon, just to name a few!


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