July 31, 2006

Someone Invent It, Please!

I need a mean-mom mask. Do they make something for those situations when you are supposed to be disciplining and stern but you can’t suppress the laughter or smile?

Me: Carter, why are you yelling?!
Carter: Because Noah called me a stinky shoe.

Later that day...

Me: Carter, WHY are you CRYING?
Carter: Noah called me a boy!

And then there’s Noah...

Me: Noah, what are you doing to the baby?
I am pretending to be a big steak.
Pretending to be a big steak?!
Noah: I’m just pretending. Imagination, Mommy. (said like: DUH!)

i heart mondays!

I've mentioned how I need my Mondays for recovery. I remember getting the Sunday Blues as a child because school was the next day... and when in the work force I dreaded Mondays and work... and now I need Monday to get things back together!

It's definitely the case for today.

Wow- what a loooooooong weekend! It was a time of ups & downs for us... hubby had to work in the mornings on a photo shoot for a project he is working on. It was also my mom's 50th birthday weekend and I was trying to get everything together for that.

Then while I was feeding Gray some vanilla yogurt to help with a small diaper rash, he broke out in horrible hives all over his face & arms. This was not on the agenda today!

I have dealt with hives before with the kids and he wasn't struggling to breathe- he just looked horrible and was itching all over, in his ears and eyes. Praise God we have a store just a mile away where I can get homeopathics. I got that and also talked to our ND (Naturopathic Doctor) on the phone, checked inside Gray's mouth for hives, and didn't have to go to the ER. The hives cleared up quickly and Gray was fine. We just now found out that he & I will have to be dairy-free! Whee!

We did sneak in going to the beach Saturday evening and I think that was my favorite moment of the weekend. So peaceful and we witnessed the most beautiful sunset. I hope to think back and always remember those moments first from this weekend.

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Sunday morning before hubby was off to do the next photo shoot, we received a call that the photographer working with him on the project had been killed Saturday night. It was hard to make out all the details as everyone was so upset. He was on his motorcycle and some sort of high-speed car chase was involved, and he was in the way. He was a husband. He was a daddy to a six-year-old boy that was still asleep & unaware when we got the news.

Gosh, as much running around and craziness going on in our house this weekend, this took everything and put it to a screeching halt.

Hubby and I embraced and wanted to make sure we know how much we love each other, how precious life is and things can change in an instant. When the kids woke up they got extra big hugs and sentiments from daddy, even more than usual.

It was a time for remembering, again, just what is important.

Hubby had to go on to work and notify some people; get things figured out for the day. I headed to church with just enough time and worked in the nursery. We had a nice birthday lunch at Olive Garden and then I had to head to Party City to find a couple last minute "Turning 50" things. The weather decided to go from extremely HOT to suddenly cool and the sky transformed all Wizard of Oz-like! People were standing at the doors waiting to go out to their cars because of the torrential rain and hail! I chatted it up with some of the other stranded strangers, they asked about the cool contraption of a sling that I had Gray in, and then the power went out.

So funny that when the power goes out, it causes everyone to freak for just a micro-second. And everyone gets quiet and talks more hushed. Why is that?

But, in just a few minutes the power was back on and all was well. It was still raining outside but letting up a bit. With Gray in the sling and my umbrella in hand (I had spied that sky and knew I might need it) I headed for the van and we made it, quite dry.

We went about the rest of the day driving to & fro to get things done. Finally got our party underway and I think it was a hit.

I could not wait to collapse into bed and did exactly that.

And I was so happy that today was Monday.

July 27, 2006

One Of Those Days

Yesterday was just one of those days. I just wasn’t feeling like being a mom that day. You really don’t get the option to throw in the towel when you’re a mom… oh I throw many a towel in the washer, but you-know-what-I-mean.

Am I the only one to feel like that ever?

So, it was just one of those days where I couldn’t seem to get anything done, just treading water… clean up one room to find the next room even worse.

The sink’s full already??? I just did the dishes!

You know. One of those days.

Every single sentence out of my boys’ mouths was IN THEIR LOUD VOICE. They kept forgetting- honestly they really did. Even when I asked them two seconds earlier to please talk softer. “I want my dad-deeeeeeey.”

Yes, one of those days.

They wanted to play outside and I thought that would be a perfect opportunity for me to get them out of the house. We step outside and it instantly begins to rain. As if someone out there was just waiting to play a trick on us. Funny because, as it was already one of those days, this was quite okay.

So as the boys were running inside the house I told them to wait- we grabbed our lawn chairs and sat in the garage with the door open, watching the rain come down and mist upon us inside.

It was fun.

We listened to the rain. Noah surmised that it rains because the clouds “can’t hold it anymore” and it stops when “they are empty.”

We watched how the drops bounce off the driveway when they beat against the pavement. We closed our eyes and could tell when a car drove by; hearing the sweeeesh of it driving on the wet road.

I learned to take a step back from my rainy one of those days and actually grab it and live it instead of letting it pass by or be filed under I Had Such A Bad Day. I had such a day of my boys being this young. A day of their LOUD VOICES in my ears. A day I hope I remember because it’s not going to be like this forever.

It was a good one of those days.

Thursday Thirteen: My Favorite Baby Things

Thirteen of My Favorite Things for Baby
  1. Robeez! If you know me well, then by now you are aware of my obsession with Robeez baby shoes. No need for socks that won't stay on or "hard soled" shoes that are no good for their feet anyway. They are machine-washable and also have great re-sell value on eBay!
  2. Hanna Andersson Baby Zippers! I love the soft, organic cotton. I love that you can wash these hundreds of times and they still look new. I love that they grow with baby from the cuffs at the sleeves and ankles. Gray sleeps only in these zippers! Also, anything from Hanna makes for a great re-sell on eBay, too.
  3. eBay! I've gotten some great deals on things for baby, and am able to buy more by reselling what he's outgrown... it's a cycle that helps this stay-at-home mom be resourceful while still dressing my children fashionably!
  4. The Baby Safe Feeder -I think this is the best teether ever when you put ice cubes in it! Perfect to occupy baby while at restaurants, too- just take ice from your water glass and put it in the mesh feeder.
  5. Babystyle.com - I just love this website and their softest baby pants & tees. Check out their super sales & sign up to get their coupons via email. (And again, you'll almost get back what you pay for when you resell on eBay!)
  6. Slings, Slings, Slings! I love my mei tai and my ring slings. My mei tai is from Free Hand Baby Carriers. To get a good ring sling, check out your local LLL for a Maya Wrap or for a really rockin' ring sling, check out Urban Baby Runway's awesome carrier collection.
  7. Arbonne Baby Care - I love the hair & body wash, body lotion, & the herbal diaper rash cream works excellent!
  8. Bebe Au Lait nursing covers for chic mothers! Nurse discreetly in style- I love mine! With the unique design at the neck, I am still able to nurse and see Gray at the same time. He usually needs to look at me and touch my face while nursing (precious, I know!) and we can do that with Bebe Au Lait's cover! (And you'll see that these are also known as Hooter Hiders and, um, I chose to get the one that says Bebe Au Lait!
  9. Newman's Own Organic pretzels - as Gray is starting to eat snacks (still mainly nursing, but he enjoys a pretzel or two here & there!) these pretzels are the best. And you have to buy enough for everyone- not just baby!
  10. Heavenly Lullabies CD - you just can't listen to this without feeling so peaceful and calm, and sometimes I'll put it on when I need to relax after baby is asleep! One time I had it playing in the kitchen while I was making dinner and I looked to see Carter asleep with his head on the table! Yes- it's that soothing!
  11. AskDrSears.com and the Dr. Sears books - as much as I dislike most parenting books, I find that Dr. Sears has some very helpful & sound information for parents.
  12. Friends! (Mark & Xavier to name a couple!) - 'cause every mommy & baby needs a play date once in a while!
  13. Brothers! - 'cause I love how our kids love each other and are so helpful and watchful with the baby. I should say that Gray's favorite things has to be his brothers!

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July 25, 2006

Wordless Wednesday: i kick it old school

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And here is where you find this rockin' shirt.

His Touch

Last night I was able to escape for a little while to do some shopping with Gray. It was a nice night and a bit of a drive. On the way home Gray was upset. I spent almost the whole way with my right arm stretched back behind me so that I could touch his face. Mommy's here, I would say sweetly, It's okay.

As long as my hand was there, arm reached out behind me almost out of socket, my fingers feeling his soft, warm cheek and a wet tear, he was still and quiet. After a while when I thought he had fallen asleep I tried to take my arm back to normal positioning, but he cried immediately! I reach back again, and instantly he's calm.

I didn't mind. It actually felt good to know that just my hand touching his face made everything all better. He just needed to know that I was near.

I remember moments as a child wanting to be held close by my mom or dad, feeling that security; and even now there is just something about that touch that hubby has when I scoot closer to him during church, or reach over to hold his hand when I am next to him in the car. There is something about a touch.

And many a time I call out to the Lord, just asking for His touch. Sometimes to heal. Most times to just know He's near.

July 24, 2006

"3 Things" by Grayson

Gray has been tagged by Caleb (his mommy is at Showered with Grace) to do his first meme!

3 Things That Scare Me
-When Daddy roars loud with my brothers
-When Mommy leaves the room (hey, that's my food-source!)
-When I see that blue bulb syringe 'a coming!

3 People That Make Me Laugh
-Gucci (do dogs count? 'cause she makes me laugh the hardest sometimes.)

3 Things I Love
-Mommy! (I love it that she holds me all the time and lets me sleep next to her, and that she feeds me whenever I am hungry, and that she never lets those nurses poke me EVER!)
-Daddy! (I love it when he rocks me and lets me sleep on him for hours while he plays Xbox, and how he wears me in the sling if Mommy's gone, and how he calls me his Grabey-babey)
-My two big brothers (I just love them and think they are the coolest and funniest people ever!)

3 Things I Hate
-That dreaded blue bulb syringe coming anywhere near me
-Mommy's fingers or tissues coming anywhere near my nose
-Lately I just can't stand to stay still for a diaper change!

3 Things I Don't Understand
-Why I can't touch the dog water when it looks just like what I play with in the bath!? Someone please explain this to me.
-What is this "no" thing all about?
-Why does Mommy freak out all the time when I try to eat paper?

3 Things On My Floor
-Darn, mommy just vacuumed so no more lint. Boo!
-There sure are a lot of shoes and other weird things on the floor under the bed (I share a room with Mommy & Daddy)
-I do have a basket of toys in every room- that's kinda nice.

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now
-I got the phone AGAIN and am dancing to the eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh sound it makes when it's off the hook. This is my favorite past-time lately.
-I am waiting for Mommy to come over and stop the eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh sound so I can do it all over again.
-I think I am stinking up the joint, but don't tell Mommy- I am not in the mood to stop for a diaper change right now.

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
-Oh wow, there's just so much to do still- I would like to walk by myself
-Get free reign with all of big brothers' toys- theirs are always bigger and better than what I have to play with!
-Maybe finally get to splash in that doggy bowl

3 Things I Can Do
-Crawl a mean booty crawl- mighty fast & funny, too
-Make any old lady smile and fuss over me
-Go to the closet and get Mommy to put on the sling- she always knows that's what I want!

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
-Very easy going
-Quite angelic, I must say
-Ok, I'll admit it, I am a rascal!

3 Things I Cannot Do (yet)
-Talk in English
-Walk by myself
-Go for long periods without my Mommy

3 Absolute Favorite Foods
-Breastmilk all the way!
-Kashi cheese crackers
-Newman's pretzels

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
-Breastmilk all the way!

3 Shows I Watched as a Kid
-What are shows?

Mondays Are Good

Am I the only one that actually looks forward to Mondays? I thought maybe it was a stay-at-home-mom thing, you know, after a busy weekend with everyone in & out, it's nice to have the recovery time on Monday. Get things back in some sort of order (or what at least appears like order.)


So there's a new word on the blog block, courtesy of Valarie who suggested it to Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.

Mirl (v.)--acronymn for "Meet In Real Life";
description for the transition that occurs when
an on-line acquaintance becomes a friend you have
actually met face-to-face.
I like it! I have "mirled" a few people on-line and it has always been a good experience, sparking a long-time bond. Currently a blossoming friendship has become of a mirl-ing with my friend Ashlee at New Mama's Nest. I'd say things are moving in the right direction to meet up (or mirl) with FlipFlopMamma sooner than later, and I'm seeing great friendships form with my blogfriends O Mama Mia & Working Mom of 1.
I guess it's kinda like online friend shopping, this blogging thing. If only everyone we met in life came with a few writing samples explaining their likes & dislikes and summarizations of their everyday life.

And now I leave you with something plucked from yesterday's message in church- something to think about as you start your week. A headstart to live it to the fullest.
John 10:10b
I came that you may have life, and may have it abundantly.
He did not come to give us a little life. You can read 'little' as a tiny, unimportant life. Or 'little' as in a short life. He came for the sole-purpose of us; He sacrificed His Life so that we could live life to the fullest- that we would have an abundant life. Live your life like it is worth something today. Because it is. He said so.

July 22, 2006

Attention All Shoppers!

I found a couple great sites and just had to share...

How could I possibly resist the shirt Gray's wearing here???

Check out Urban Baby Runway when you get the chance for cute & original selections for baby & mom! Shipping was super-fast and their customer service is excellent! I must also recommend the karate pants (super soft!!)

And, for nursing moms out there, I found some really stylish nursing tops at Expressiva- they have a big sale going on right now. Use this coupon code (thank you Mothering magazine!) for free shipping: MFEB

I will rave about Expressiva's customer service, too- after I received my order I noticed that all the items I ordered went on sale. They were so awesome to give me a price adjustment. I also needed to exchange a shirt for a different one and I can't believe how fast they did the exchange!! You do have to pay for shipping when sending a return, but the exchanged item ships back for free. I can't wait to see what they offer for fall!

July 20, 2006

Friends Are Good

Tonight Gray & I were able to escape for a bit with my good friend Ashlee and her little man Xavier. She treated me to Panera (yum) & some good conversation and we treated the other diners to oohs and ahhs and "So cute," "How old?" & "Babies are wonderful!" Then we went together to an LLL meeting where we got in some more good discussion with other moms & babes. Gray is already crazy for Xav, and spent most of the meeting trying to get to him! I just had to snap a pic of these two buds riding together in the back of the car- Gray zonked out right away, and as you can see- Xavier is WIDE awake!

When I got home, I was excited to experience the greeting Daddy gets every day when he gets home from work. The boys actually missed me! When I walked in, Jeff had just put them to bed and I heard Carter say "I want my Mommy." Usually it's "I want my Daddy" or "When's Daddy coming home?" All. Day. Long.

But tonight, what a treat- I went out for a much needed girl-mommy-gray-time and then came home to a family that loves me and misses me when I'm not there, even if it seems sometimes that they are tired of me when I am there day in & day out!

I also had to share the surprise I had the other day on my doorstep from Jess at O Mama Mia - who was so awesomely thoughtful to send me this package when she read my 3 Things post.

I told hubby I am going to mention how I'd love a 2007 Hyundai Entourage or a vacation in Hawaii next.

July 18, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

I've posted these before... my all-time favorite
summer photos... what it's all about.

July 16, 2006

The Great Week End

I am having a great weekend. Hubby's been home to help with the kids and even made breakfast both mornings! Yesterday I found myself in bliss while I browsed the clearance clothes at Target without a cart and without two mischevious (altho mighty adorable) rascals and a baby. The highlight of my weekend!

So, today we are about to head out to a pool party and then tomorrow it's back to reality: back to what's for lunch? what's for dinner?, lots & lots of laundry, and a clean kitchen for me. Some people face housework, kids, and errands as their work tomorrow. Others face deadlines, grumpy bosses, and inter-office gossip. Click here to start your work week off with a good I-can-totally-relate laugh... and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

July 14, 2006

Would You Like A Piece?

Noah: Carter, would you like a piece of quiet or loud?

Carter: I want a piece of quiet (said with grumpy frown face.)

After a few seconds...

Carter: Ok, I'll have a piece of loud now!

Have Fun Friday

I am off to a playdate at Lori's!

So, have fun today and take this quiz to see your granola factor, and go here if you haven't already to see what your new name will be according to Captain Underpants And the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants.

Click here & here for a couple words of wisdom, too.

July 13, 2006

All Shapes & Sizes

Grayson really is our peanut. I hear comments all the time about how small he is and most people think he's younger than 9 months old. Every single time we go for his check-ups at the doctor, he'll be weighed and get his height and head measured. Then a minute or so later the nurse will come back in and say, "let me measure that head one more time... to be sure." This last time I just jumped in when they measured him the first time and said, yes he has a small head! He is in the 3rd percentile in head size!

If you see him in person, he really is the cutest little peanut and proportionate & all. He just runs small! We all come in many shapes and sizes.

I decided to go back in my other boys' baby books and check their head sizes. Wow! Gray's head right now at 9 months old is 16.8 inches. Carter's head AT BIRTH was 15 inches. Don't forget, Carter has always been big (born 9 lbs 12 oz and Gray was just 7 lbs 5 oz at birth.) And Noah, born 7 lbs 7 oz, and even though he is my oldest, is growing normally and right there in the middle. I think they are all three just perfect the way they are.

July 12, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so I can't leave this one wordless!

In honor of Carter, as his birthday was this week, I just had to post this (he is so the child of many faces!) Here he is about age one just before his first real hair cut.

I also think he looks like one of those crazy furry Quizno's
animal-face things that used to sing "eat Quizno's subs!"

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July 11, 2006


Click on the title above and someone PLEASE explain to me how it can do that?

3 Things...

I’ve been tagged by Jess at O Mama Mia!

3 Things That Scare Me
Scary movies- won’t watch them! (But, I love anything by M. Night Shyamalan!)
Ants inside the house
What this world is coming to

3 People That Make Me Laugh
Dwight from The Office
My family in Louisiana (those southerners can say anything and I think it’s funny)

3 Things I Love
Quiet times
How it feels after I’ve finished exercising
Uninterrupted family time when we’re all hanging out and laughing together

3 Things I Hate
When someone "assumes"
When someone brags
pHARMaceutical companies

3 Things I Don’t Understand
How to drive a stick (I am going to get this someday!)
Football (I don’t care if I get this someday!)
Why does gas have to cost $3.15 a gallon again?

3 Things On My Desk
A little Eiffel tower from our honeymoon in Paris
My guitar (at least I can look at it even if I can't play it)
To-do list

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now
Nuzzling with Gray as he sleeps on my chest
Watching the boys play with Buzz & Woody
Thinking about my grocery list

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
Do something productive and helpful to others as a career with my hubby (after the kids are all grown), maybe missions?
See my grandchildren
Live as naturally and healthy as possible

3 Things I Can Do
Put together movie films and thread a movie projector, as well as make small repairs (from my movie theater managing days!)
All things through Christ, who gives me strength! (Philippians 4:13)

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
Open minded

3 Things I Can’t Do
Curl my tongue
Trust doctors & other “professionals” without doubt

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
Your motherly instinct
Your husband
Your children

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
Everything you read in emails or on the internet
Only one side of the story
What "everyone else" is doing or saying

3 Absolute Favorite Foods

Pad Thai
The Caesar sandwich at Leona's
Billy Jack's black bean soup- ohmygoodness so delicious!

3 Things I’d Like to Learn
How to be a doula
How to play my guitar for real!
How to make clothes and slings!

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
Water (lots and lots of water!)
Occasional (less frequent lately) Starbuck's iced skim vanilla latte
Traditional Medicinal's Mother's Milk tea (usually iced)

3 Shows I Watched as a Kid
Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog
Punky Brewster
Saved By The Bell

3 People I Tag
(only if you feel like it!)
Ashlee at New Mama's Nest
Heidi at Butterfly Mama
Beth at Total Mom Haircut

July 9, 2006

In The Middle, Our Entertainer, My Baby

Four years ago today my little Carter-man was born. 9 lbs 12 oz (wow how'd I do that?)- I was fine, he broke his collar bone coming out. We had to pin his shirt for several weeks to keep his arm still. He healed just fine. We got further proof of this when he broke his arm at age 2 and saw the x-rays! We learned very early on that this one will be our "rough & tumble" one. Never a dull moment with that Carter. Many a mini-heart attack for Mommy with that Carter. Many kissed boo-boos for that Carter.

He is our child that can fall asleep while still eating at the dinner table, still putting the food in his mouth with his eyes closed. He has the most infectious laugh- and constantly entertains! Everyday there is a surprise for me by the toilet- he always leaves a toy there. Must bring it in when he has to go, then leaves it behind, forgotten. Everyday it's different- maybe a train, a car, plastic food, what-have-you. I have to smile- as if it says "Carter Was Here." Speaking of the potty, he is our child that must strip naked in order to go, let's say, something other than "number 1." Socks off and all.

He is the only person in our house that laughs at America's Funniest Home Videos with me. Somehow this endears him to me more than anything at that moment we watch the show together!

He has the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen in my life. I love to stare into them and feel so priveleged that I get to be his Mommy. He will always be my baby.

Happy Birthday, Carter!


July 7, 2006

Elementary Meme

Looks like grade-school memories are showing up all across blogland. If you want to get in on the fun, let me know and I'll link you here. What are we talking about? Read Elementary, My Dear. Don't forget to stop by to see what others are writing, too. Everyone has such neat stories and remember the craziest things!

Here's who has participated so far:

~Ashlee at
New Mama's Nest (the one who inspired this meme in the first place!!)
~Lori at
Glass Half Full
~Nicole at
All That Sassafrass
~Stephanie at
For Better Or For Worse
~Dawnyel at Tales of a RubbaUndiesLuva
~Naddin J at What On Earth Is That Smell?
~And pop on over to see a great post (she even went and visited her elementary school for this one!) at Terrible Speller
~Check out new blogger Heidi over at Butterfly Mama (love that name!)

Let me know in your comments if you're playing along, too!

Everyday Things...Mistakes

"...For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."
Philippians 4:11

Be sure to isit Everyday Mommy to see what Everyday Things is all about.

I was thinking today about mistakes. I have made a lot of them. Probably more than normal people. Some people choose to beat themselves up over past mistakes, big or small. I am one of those optimistic types that sees my mistakes as small blessings in disguise.
I am pretty good with computers- I can usually trouble-shoot most problems I might face and deal with all my computer issues myself. And I have never even had so much as a typing course before! But, I had a job once where our computers always crashed and I was the one on the phone for hours with the 24-hr computer techies fixing the problems. I remember a lot of what I had to do then, and it has come in handy more than a few times!
If you have a problem or make a mistake, who do you usually seek out? Not someone that has never been through the same situation before. You're going to want someone that knows what you're going through, understands where you've been, and learn what worked for them when they went through it, too.
Mistakes and troubled times can make you an expert on things if you go about it the right way. I would never have wished to go through what we have with Noah and his epilepsy. However, I have helped more people along the way in our journey to get him better- I can't even keep track! I remember how I was in the beginning and searching for someone that could give us hope & answers. Now it's my turn to bring help & hope to others. Show them what worked and didn't work for us. And show them that anything is possible.
"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" -Whoever said that knew what they were talking about! I bet they were given lots of lemons in life.
I love lemonade.
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. - Romans 8:28

July 6, 2006

Elementary, My Dear

Inspired by a recent post at New Mama's Nest, I thought I'd have a try at something similar- recalling things from elementary school and see what else comes flooding back that I didn't realize I'd remembered! If you'd like to participate in your own way, too, make sure to let me know in your comments! (And, I tag Lori!)

One of my most vivid memories of kindergarten is when I convinced another little girl (I won't say whom, but I do remember her full name!) that I could write and she had me write a message to her little brother on a coloring paper. When the teacher saw my scribbling (seriously, I thought I was writing!) she scolded me. I think she thought I was trying to ruin her paper, when really I only had the best of intentions! I was only 5!

In first grade I remember having to go to the bathroom SO very bad it hurt- and I raised my hand to tell the teacher but she wouldn't call on me. I remember raising my hand with tears coming down my face and as I tried to hold it in, and I ended up having an accident right there in my seat, in my new gray outfit with balloons on it, so utterly humiliating. Of course then I was sent to the bathroom (finally!) and then to the office to wait for my mom to bring me clean clothes, and feel further embarrassment then. I couldn't help it!

One of the only things I clearly remember about second grade was being called out to the hall, and my mom was there, and she told me that my Gram had passed away. At that time I think I was closer to Gram than any other person in the world. I won't ever forget that hallway, the cold, dingy white-tiled floor and fluorescent lights on the ceiling. I missed a whole week of school and a neighbor made me a homemade Cabbage Patch Doll to make me feel better.

Oh, I do remember one other thing about second grade- my teacher Mrs. Gaddis had a fun way to get rid of your hiccups- when you didn't expect it she would yell, "BOO!" really loud and scare them out of you, but really she only did it for a kid once and thereafter every kid mysteriously always had the hiccups and wanted her to do it to them.

In the third grade, we moved and I went to one school the first semester and started a new school the second semester. That was a very rough year for me. My only friend for a while was my teacher, Mr. Green. No one else liked him because he was very strict, but since I didn't know anyone, I was very good at only concentrating on my schoolwork and would rather stay inside during recess to do my work or help the teacher. I think that was the grade I saw the plus of becoming a teacher's pet and I fit into that roll pretty much every grade after that.

In fourth grade I won the spelling bee (in my class) and had a really cool teacher who would let us have reading time and we could sit on the floor or on a couch in our room. I found a writing exercise from this grade: (I am having troubles inserting the picture.)

Hi. My name is Stephanie. I am eleven years old. I like to play the piano, sing, and act. I have one mom, one dad, two dogs, and one brother. When I grow up I want to be a singer or a secretary. But I really want to be an actress.

And from fifth grade, I found that I had big plans for the future-

The Year 2013
It's the year 2013. I'm living in a beautiful 4-story cabin in the Rocky Mountains. I married a brain surgeon who makes $64,000 a month. At the age of 23 I had twins: Rebecca & Kirstin. Every summer we visit my parents in Wyoming and my husband's parents in Washington. Our parents take us to Hawaii every spring break. We go the whole way by boat cruise. This summer we're moving to Hawaii because my husband is getting a better job for brain and cancer. Most surfers there hit their heads on surf boards and have brain damage. We already bought a 7-story mansion in Honolulu. I'm going to visit my friends Tanya & Erin in New York, New York when my husband works days.

By Stephanie, 5th grade, 1988.

I think I like just how my future has gone, but if hubby makes $64,000 a month by 2013, I won't mind at all!

July 4, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

July 3, 2006

Happy Birthday, America

If you get a minute

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July 1, 2006

Christmas in July

Apparently G.I. Joe & Buzz Lightyear were in Bethlehem that Day, too.