June 29, 2006

What's Your Secret?

The other day I was recalling one of my "most embarassing" breastfeeding experiences. When Gray was just a newborn, hubby and I were at a wedding in a very large, old catholic church. During the ceremony I needed to feed the baby, and since you could hear every little rustle or shoe click in that place, I thought I should take him in the back just in case he made too much noise. I walked into the first open room I found with a chair, sat down, and began nursing right away. I looked up, and to my horror- I was in the confessional! Now, I am not catholic and have only seen these things in the movies, but I knew what it was and was afraid I would get thrown out of there if someone found out! I hopped up so quickly and searched for a less sacrilegious nursing area. When I got back to my seat I tried to whisper to hubby what had happened, but I got the church giggles and was laughing too hard!

What's your most embarassing nursing moment or the strangest place you've nursed?


Have you heard about the big Nurse-In at Victoria's Secret this Saturday? Apparently, sales associates at a Wisconsin Victoria's Secret told a mother her exposed breast might offend some customers when she wanted to feed her baby outside of the fitting rooms because they were all full. Victoria's Secret. Her exposed breast. Might offend... ?

This is not the first time recently that Victoria's Secret has asked a nursing mom to go elsewhere in recent months. A Target store was in hot water for this, too. Click here to see your state's laws regarding breastfeeding in public.

At 1 PM in malls across the U.S., breastfeeding mothers will unite at Victoria's Secret to stand up for their right to nurse their babies anywhere the mom is allowed to be. Read this cleverly titled article Coverup charged at Victoria's stores: Moms reveal bust-up over breast-feeding. I know there is a group planned to meet at our local mall, babies in arms and news reporters on hand.


  1. I hope you got the video link I sent you the other day on breast milk... LOL

    And the weirdest way I have fed my child... is in his car seat en route... that has got to me the most awkward and embarrassing position (especially at a stop light with weirdos looking on). I never thought I could actually DO that, but it worked.

  2. Gina- HA!!! I have done that, too (sitting in the backseat of course)... please tell me if you were in the front because I don't know how that would work!!!! I didn't see your video link- where did you send it?

  3. My story was DURING a nursing session...

    I was visiting a friend and my my first baby decided to have one of those "blow outs" while nursing. It leaked all over my white shirt!!!

    Rule of thumb: Do not wear WHITE while being a mom to a baby or even a toddler!!!

  4. I took my son to the cryroom once to breastfeed him. It was dark in there so I turned on the light. I didn't realize until much later that it was dark in the auditorium and I was behind the windows in a lighted room. I gave a possible peep-show to a huge congregation!

  5. Just stopped by to check out your blog -- thanks for checking out mine. First of all, LOVE your ring sling. I definitely plan on doing more babywearing with the next babe! Also, I really like all your links to other Christian mamas. It's so encouraging that the Internet can bring together a group of Godly women! I will certainly be reading more.

    Not too many breastfeeding stories to share. As a first-time mom, I was too shy and insecure to nurse in public too often -- plus I had a VERY wiggly baby who made it an Olympic sport. nfortunately, I had to wean at 6 mo due to allergies. HOpefully I'll be able to go longer next time around!

    OH yeah, and the VS info is so interesting. What a joke! They are going to try and put boundries on something like feeding your child, but have no problems with airing a fashion show on TV that belongs on Cinemax? Don't get me started! Thanks for the info!

  6. When Caleb was 2 weeks old, we had to go up to church on a Saturday to take pictures for the directory. It took forever, so as my husband was finishing talking to the people, I went to sit down and feed Caleb. He finished, I gave him to his daddy, and then proceeded to get myself back together. I had a burp cloth covering myself until I could hand him off and "redress". Just then, hubby grabs the burp cloth (not knowing it was covering me up)! I was like, "Hey!" Luckily there wasn't anyone else really close!

  7. Oh goodness.

    I feel like my children are being subjected to too much when they see some of the VS windows at the mall. What am I supposed to tell them?

    Son, that mannequin wearing seductive clothing is okay. However, close your eyes because that fully dressed mother with her shirt just a bit askew, while she gives her baby nourishment, is very offensive. Ummm...do you think that society is a tad bit screwed up?

  8. I sent it to your posted email address a couple days ago.

    And yes, I was in the backseat... seems to be the standard place I am if it's his grumpy time... that is why I hate leaving the house.

  9. We were at a play and the theatre was dark, so I didn't worry about being seen.....but I should've worried about being heard!!! Libby slurped and grunted to her heart's content, and made sure to finish it off with the biggest burp. Everyone around us was laughing!

    At least it was "Fiddler on the Roof" and NOT "Sound of Music" (we had been to that one earlier)!

  10. Hillarious! So many embarassing nursing moments I can't think of which is the most embarassing. It's been a while so I'll have to think about it. I also have nursed many times while my child was strapped in his/her car seat. On long trips it's a must. I have not however ever nursed in a confessional. . .

  11. I'm so glad you shared that!

    We haven't had anything too embarrassing happen- I guess our nursing start was a bit awkward though- Xavier was in the NICU and only weighed about 4 lbs - the breast to head ratio was a bit alarming! He had to be monitored by a nurse in order to attempt breastfeeding and while he latched on and chowed down like a pro that first time - there I was with a stack of pillows on my lap, completely topless, the nurse helping me squash my breast and hold him up - somewhere a teeny tiny little head!

    Thanks for link to the state laws- it's great to know EXACTLY what your rights are!

  12. Rats, I wish I was still nursing so that I could sit in on this one. I've never once seen a nursing mom bare as much breast as the larger-than-life models Victoria's Secret has plastered all over their windows.

    My DH was so funny--when I told him about this story he said, "Oh no, I guess this means I can't shop there anymore." :oD

  13. I checked out the laws and was pleased to see that Illinois is on all those lists! Very interesting!

  14. I breastfeed Elijah while we were closing on our house... Last week I nursed him in the swimming pool (he was so relaxed!)... I've done the back seat thing too. Great post! Fun to read.

    Oh, and I'm appalled at the VS thing. Not that I can shop there anymore... why don't they sell cute nursing bras?

  15. You bring up interesting points here, I haven't heard anything about Victoria's Secret (but then again, I am not breastfeeding anymore) and am appalled that those who display thongs for all to see would have even a teensy weensy issue with a breastfeeding mother! Weird, if you ask me.

    As for embarrassing breastfeeding stories, in the car (yes, hubby driving and me in the back leaning over hungry baby). And most creative would have to be while vaccumming! Talk about multi-tasking!

    BTW, I think it is great that although this topic is a hot one, you do not cast judgement on anyone.


  16. I was breast feeding my last kid at an outlet mall that happened to have a police officer station in it. Back up, I was Christmas shopping and to save money we packed a lunch. The kids picked a table that was directly across from the police station. ( I know it's odd but there really is one there) anyways, my middle child began to act up and I had to take her to the bath room for some stern discipline. She threw a fit and I got nervous b/c she was carrying on and on and on. I just knew an officer would come out and ask me what was going on. Well finally the scene is over, we are eating and the baby decides she needs to eat. So I am feeding her as well and this cop comes out and calls out to me by using my maiden name. I freaked I thought something terrible had happened and family was looking for me. The officer walks up and stands right next to me, then I think, how does he know my name. Meanwhile I am trying to pull a hungry baby away from my breast, which she is unwilling to move. He says, Hi i am so and so remember me from high school,. OH yeah, Hi. Ummmm, I am thinking this is awkward. Haven't seen him in years and I look like crap, my kids are misbehaving and I am breast feeding my baby, Nice. Go away please. He didn't he linger a long while.

  17. I think what amazed me was how uncomfortable people could be when I was nursing. People would avoid eye contact with me - talk to the picture above my head, etc. Nothing was showing but my goodness did a few of our friends get reaallly nervous. Amy

  18. Cool post! I don't remember any embarrassing moments, but that's probably because I never let nursing embarass me for any reason. I even would do it in Wal-mart! I never got the hang of nursing while walkign around though. One thing I do remember was sitting on a bench nursing my VERY newborn...she couldn't have been more than a week or two..and a lady stopped and congradulated me on doing such a good job on being a mom that I'd even stop to nurse my baby in public. I told her that that is what we were made for and that I wouldn't let anyone stop me. I'd do what I needed to do no matter what. It was cool to have a stranger give me such a compliment! Thanks for the memory!! Love, Kristen

  19. hmmmmm cant remember a real embarrassing moment, just in the beginning i leaked ALOT so if i ever forgot to wear breast pads (or sometimes if i was using re-usable ones instead of the disposable kind) i would get massive wet patches on my shirt - not a great look!

    yay for all the women going to breastfeed at Victoria's secret shops!


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