June 26, 2006

recommended bedtime reading

The latest bedtime fave in our family bed is Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin by Lloyd Moss.

If you love music, it is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the beautiful instruments, and the words are so fun to say in this one- I didn't mind reading it three times in a row tonight!

If we clap loud and shout, "Encore!"
They may come out and play once more.

And that would give us great delight
Before we say a late good night.


  1. From the bit you wrote, that sounds like a great book... It's so nice to have books that you can enjoy while reading them over and over and over.

    Talk soon,

  2. I am going to Amazon right now! Thanks!

  3. What a colorful cover -- I am sold on that alone!

  4. Cool, I'll have to go find that one! Thanx!

  5. Just stopping in to say hello once again. Hope you are having a good week. Will have to check out the book!

  6. Ok, so after reading this I ran ro our closest Borders. Wee bit of a book junkie, I am. Of course, they didn't have it stocked, but they could order it... for $17!!! Ppffttt!!! They also said it was going out of print. AAUUGGGHH!!! So I rushed back home & hopped on amazon. No luck. But half.com has a handfull of copies. So I ordered two. Can never have too amny books, right? Thanks so much for this rec! I luv knowing about great books!

  7. Jess- that's too bad! It's such a great book to be discontinued!! I guess we always have ebay!


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