June 26, 2006

I just read the sweetest post

... and I think you should read it, too. It happened along the way... over at Faithful Mommy.


  1. Thanks for the head's up - what a wonderful blog! Just one more example of how God is bringing adoption and foster care into my life. I havent' figured out what my role is to be yet, but I'm sure my reading your post about HER post is another 'sign'....

  2. I am sorry I didn't comment yesterday... I went over and read her post and cried. I haven't done that in a long time. What a moving and precious story. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!!!

  3. yeah, thanx for that, I cried my eyes out! My hubby already thinks I'm a dork for getting all involved in every blogger's life, like I need him seeing my cry over someones post! LOL


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