June 8, 2006

i heart babywearing

The following is a word-for-word message from my hubby left on my cell phone voice mail while I was at a hair appointment recently.

“Hey honey, it’s about 10 o’ clock on Saturday and I just wanted to let you know that everything is going really smooth. I’ve got Gray in the sling and he is happy as happy can be. So anyway… take your time, enjoy yourself, have fun- no need to hurry home, um, ‘cause everything’s going smooth here. Love you! Bye.”

How wonderful is it to hear that (as I left Gray with him for longer than an hour for the 1st time.)

P.S. i heart my hubby!

For more great reasons why I love babywearing, click here and here.

I must also mention that we went mini-golfing recently and I got TWO "hole in ones" while wearing Gray in the sling (this one) and I tied for first place all around, beating the men! I won't say which men, to save their embarassment!


  1. I loooved wearing my baby!!! I did it until he was about 9-10 months old and 25 pounds. I love it and I don't know why everybody doesn't do it!!!

  2. Do you have any ideas for back carriers now that he is bigger? He is 16 months and 25 pounds.

  3. that looks much more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn...I'll need a sling for the beach!

  4. mrsmogul: You can get some neat "solar veil" slings for outdoors and the beach- has UV protection & such- pretty nice! There are also water mesh slings to get while you are IN the water, too!

  5. You lucky duck! What a great hubby!

  6. I've never gotten into the whole bearywearning thing, but now that my son is quickly approaching 20 pounds, I think I should have. I do have a Snugli backpack that I use for grocery shopping, but I haven't used it for anything else.
    What weight can you use those up to?

  7. Thanks for checking in on my blog!!! Love yours!! And, wraps rock! Too bad we don't live closer... I'm trying so hard to fall in love with ring slings but it is hard! Hmm, I just got a new linen one by SBP in the mail today.... must resist buying more!!
    I'll check back from time to time!

  8. You should be the poster mama for baby-wearing! I love the Mei tai sling! I've never seen one. Would you ahre some info puh-leez? I'm in love with my Maya, but the two-shoulder thing looks way comfy!
    Oh, yah, ROCK on to your hubby!!
    (Your comments only allow Blogger, so I'm using my old blogger site, but you can now find me at www.omamamia.com)


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