June 9, 2006

A Flag Parrot

“Mommy, look- a flag parrot!”

You know those big blow-up things they put in front of car dealerships and fireworks places? There was an enormous Bald Eagle in an American flag print.

I was already giggling from that, then next see a sign for a gas station that is closed for remodeling until June 29rd - (say it like June twenty-nerd.) I was cracking up- in such a silly mood I guess!

Then overheard while the boys were playing with their hotwheels cars today- “Oh no- you have to go back! We have to go buy Mommy’s Starbuck’s”


  1. When we drive by Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Matt always asks if I am stopping to get a "latte". HA! "Train a child up in the way they should go..." HA! :)

  2. Ha! I usually get a latte and if I get a frappuccino, Carter will say "but Mommy why didn't you get your 'banilla latt-ayyy?'

  3. I need to go to Starbucks more. It is on the "other" side of town. It is really only 15 minutes away (can you tell I live in a small town? It is just that I don't go to that side very often it seems unless I NEED something. Ya'll are both making me want to drive for 15 min. and get some right now. Yum!!! By the way Frappachino all the way!! However it is spelled!:)

  4. Ohh Stephanie I love my coffee. It seems I can never just walk by a coffee shop I always have to run in a grab one.lolol Thankyou for visiting my blog

  5. The way kids talk is so adorable, wish we could save it in picture form. I remember Deliverance putting me in a giggly mood many times.
    Adorable picture of your dog with his head stuck, like to see more of your dogs too.
    I like only the coffee-free drinks at Starbucks, and another favorite would be one of the smoothies at Applebee's. Don't remember the name but is the first one on the menu and has coconut in it.

  6. OH MY GOSH, that is so funny! I can't wait for Liam to talk! Or can I?

  7. YEAH! Starbucks! Sophia will go to her play kitchen & fix up a vanilla soy latte for me. The first time she did, I cried from laughing so hard!

  8. Omgosh, I love your blog!
    Great writing and I can soooo relate


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