June 2, 2006

bless his little heart

Today was an errand day. The boys had haircuts and then we shopped at Wal-Mart. After that I had to stop by Jeff’s parents’ office to drop something off, and when we were pulling out of the parking lot to leave, I saw Noah’s face in my rear-view mirror. His face was covered with something …

“Noah, what did you eat?!” I ask, in an alarmed voice, because, after all, he is on a
special diet and can not have anything unless I prepare it for him.

“Nuth-ing.” He says, in a slow ‘I’m in trouble’ voice.

I pull over immediately and grab a bag of wipes from the diaper bag. I crawl back there and see an M & M M-azing candy bar opened and lying so neatly next to his car seat. ¾ of the candy bar is already eaten. I wipe him off and collect the rest of the candy bar and wrapper.

A mixture of feelings…

Total shock! First, Noah never sneaks food! Second, my kids don’t STEAL! He took it while we were at Wal-Mart, and how did I not see this?

My heart is breaking! If only Noah were allowed to have a little treat like a candy bar or little piece of chocolate when he wanted to. But, we’re on the diet for another several months at least.

Laughter! I couldn’t help but laugh! I told him it was wrong to take something that we did not pay for, and also very wrong to have something that is not on his special diet.

But I had to ask.
“Noah, was the candy bar good?”

He looked at me so sweetly and smiled with the cutest gleam in his eye, “Yes.”


  1. It is stories like this one that give us moms a sense of humor. Keep laughing!!!

  2. bless his heart, indeed...i'm glad he at least enjoyed it!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for visiting me! I just red about your little boy and the candy. I started to chuckle and then followed your link about the special diet. How wonderful that this disorder could be controlled by diet. I will be visiting you again as I try to make healthy eating a priority in my life and you obviously have mastered that!

  4. How precious! You're doing a great job with that little guy.

  5. Hey Stehpanie. I got to your blog through a friend of mine. I hope you don't mind. I just read the story about Noah and his seizures. Your testimony is so strong and inspires me. You sound like the sweetest Momma. I think you handled the candy incident like a PRO!!! Way to go. Inspire away!!

  6. Update on Noah- he's still doing JUST fine- no reactions to that chocolate bar. All is well!

  7. Which just means he's ready to wean!

    I mean, how COOL is that??

    Can't wait till he can eat one every day.....


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