June 20, 2006

All in 5 Minutes

It was a pretty uneventful day, bordering on boring.

Playing with baby while on my back. Look at you! You can flyyy!!!! Puke. In my hair. On top and underneath. Hair washing necessary. Second shower of the day- I am lucky to get even one on a normal day!

Jump-in-wash-hair-don’t-even-condition-hop-out. Downstairs a once-large stack of computer paper from one of those old tractor feed printers is now carpeting my living room/dining room/kitchen. And all the perforated side strips with the holes are ripped off and seem to be multiplying by the moment!

In the kitchen, among the paper wads and snaky hole strips is a new bag of dog food, tipped over by the dogs, brown pebbles covering the floor.

All in 5 minutes.

I am longing for the 5 minutes when all three boys are fast asleep tonight. A solid 5 minutes, a block of time where they are asleep and hubby is not home yet, and I will have 5 minutes of clean, uncluttered silence in a room all by myself.

Maybe make my toenails pink. Maybe finally eat a bite of dinner.

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  1. wow, in 5minutes???.. so many things could have happened.. lolz. u have an interesting blog here...It got me addicted on reading it.. Keep it up.. leave me some comment too at my blog InvernoKL wanna have ur words on it.. :p take care, xian

  2. Haven't we all had "those days"??? Make sure to look at on this with thanks that you got thru it!!! :)

  3. I think once you become a mom, your life is full of those "5 minute" misshaps! Glad you survived!

  4. Sounds like you had quite the "5 minutes". It's funny that if that happened all in one day (which usually somehow does), it wouldn't have seemed that out of the ordinary, but that it all happened SO close together - that's the kicker!! Sorry you had a messy day! I'm sure we all have many more to come. HA! Have a great day Stephanie!!

  5. It's amazing what can happen in just a few minutes...actually, in just a few seconds. I hope today is smoother for you. :)

  6. I've had the past few hours of me time..it's sooo good!!

  7. I hope you've reached that five minutes when they're all asleep by now.

  8. Puke in the hair? that is not pleasant. But at least you were at home and you could wash it out!!

    Hope you enjoyed those 5 minutes! Those coveted little breaks a mom needs were the inspiration for our blog's name. - And thanks for the link :)

  9. Remember teh days when five minutes used to be dedicated to one person/task/etc.? Congrats on surviving and getting to rinse the puke out!

  10. This cracks me up. That could be my life too!!! Sometimes it is like a tornado has hit our house and that old-fashioned computer paper is great for kids coloring, but awful when spread about the house!!! Hang in there.



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