May 24, 2006

Works For Me: Go When Oprah's On!

Works For Me: Go grocery shopping when Oprah's on!!

Your pick of parking spaces.
Step right up to the deli.
No lines at the checkout.

Maybe a coincidence? I don’t know-
But go anytime afterwards and, well, I told you so!

TiVo it if you must & watch it later.
When Oprah is on, housewives of the world are watching-
Check your local listings & shop now!

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  1. That's Funny! I guess I should wait to do my shopping till tonight during the final American Idol, huh?

  2. I was going to suggest American Idol, too, but tonight's the season finale!! So, next season you can go shopping during Idol and be set, too!

  3. Oh, funny! And this would work for me b/c I don't watch Oprah.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. 1st time here..
    I usually shop early in the day, and there's few crowds then. I may try a late afternoon sometime and I love TIVO!!
    My tip is up...

  5. Amen! I love taking advantage of the slow times in the grocery store. Great idea and thank the Lord for TiVo :)

  6. The absolute Best Time for Grocery Shopping (which only happens once a year) is during the Super Bowl.

  7. So smart! I think I should leave a half hour before O starts so that there isn't a rush of the lines right after it ends...did I tell you how smart this is?!?!

  8. LOL!! That is too funny! So true though.

  9. Good one...I ditto the others, thank goodness for TiVo!

  10. That is the most hilarious tip yet on wfmw. You are a smart cookie!

  11. Definitely not a coincidence. Too funny!

  12. Cute--don't watch that stuff, so never would have crossed my mind.


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