May 16, 2006

Will you see the Da Vinci Code?

I am constantly seeing on the web & in the news- Christians against the new movie The Da Vinci Code and I must admit I am out of the loop!

I am hearing this movie will open up a discussion to talk about our faith and we can make it be an opportunity to show others the Truth. So, does that mean we should see it so that we know what to say in such a discussion? I am eager to
read Focus on the Family's review on May 19.

In the meantime, I couldn't resist posting a pic of hubby & me in front of the location at the center of all this controversy- the Louvre, in Paris on our honeymoon. (Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is on display there, among many other priceless works of art.)


  1. I have read the book, and it's a fascinating tale. But that's all it is: a tale. A mystery. An interesting twist on the mundane. No one should take it seriously enough to argue it. Really. It's FICTION. Let Dan Brown say what he wants. I don't think Focus on the Family or any other religeous organization needs to constantly be wasting their time. It's like they're so scared that it's going to throw people off of their belief structure...

    If it does, then their belief system wasn't very strong to begin with, and anything could've brought it down. Much less a book from the fiction section of the library!

  2. I thought that, too- that it was just fiction, but haven't read it myself to know what it really is all about. I did read that they say in the beginning of the book that it is fact, or based on fact. (Of course we can take from that what we want!) I am interested in hearing other opinions... pipe in, everyone!

  3. I'm going to see it. I like to understand what's going on in popular culture.

    Besides, it's FICTION! I can't quite understand the hullabaloo.

  4. I agree if the book is in the FICTION section, then lets call it what it is. On the other hand, I've been a part of discussions where people have trusted Brown's "historic truths". If part of my life was documented in a book I wouldn't want it to be misrepresented (Da Vinci v. Bible). Again - just posting my opinion! :)

  5. Hey there! I've been wanting to respond to your blogs for some time now, but I just now had time to sign up. Anyway, I for one am intrigued by both the book and the movie. As you know, I am Catholic and a lot of what they say in the book has to do with the beginnings of the Catholic Church. It's definitely a work of fiction, but how do we really know none of this happened way back then? We weren't around! I know Matt wants to see this movie, so we'll probably check it out this weekend. I'll report back then!

  6. Funny that I read this today, because I've been hammering out this issue in my head the last couple of days. I don't know if I'll see it. I'm not offended at the thought of Jesus being married--if it were true, it would not change what He means to me. But the book suggests in places that Jesus was not divine, and even though it doesn't change my own beliefs, it's painful to sit through, you know?

    But I do think we need to be in a position to give an answer to people who might have questions regarding this book/movie. If it causes someone to seek the REAL Jesus, then sign me up.


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