May 30, 2006

Taking A High Chair Stand

Parents, unite! I have decided to take a stand against broken highchairs in restaurants everywhere! Please join me.

Dear Restaurant,

WHY would you give a broken high chair to a patron with a squirmy 7 month old? When I point out that the strap /fastener/ buckle is broken, do you fix it or give it to someone else, hoping they will just not strap their child in this time? Shouldn't there be a safety inspector checking the high chairs, too- or do they only look in the restaurant kitchen?

The most recent offender is a popular chain restaurant!

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):
Each year, thousands of children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries associated with high chairs. Deaths also occur. The majority of the injuries result from falls when restraining straps are not used and when children are not closely supervised.

And don't even get me started about the grocery store shopping cart seat!

Next time you are out to eat and are given a high chair with a broken strap or other less-than-safe feature, please speak up. Ask for a replacement. Talk to a manager or write a letter if you want to do even more.

Ok- off to write my letter!


  1. Here here! *applause sounds here*

  2. Seriously! (oh, and that closet picture for WFMW was staged! My closet is not quite that clean.) ;-)

  3. I did send the letter- on a nice note card and it was very polite, but informative. Will let you all know if I hear back!

  4. I am SO like that to speak up when service is crappy. I understand your stance and I am behind you on the shopping cart and high chair safety (or lack there of). Great Post!

  5. Not only broken high chairs, but dirty ones as well bug the heck out of me!!! I have started complaining about them of late. Don't know how much good it'll do, but I'm trying. I have a squirmy 2 year old and as far as I can see she'll be in both high chair and grocery carts buckled in for another year cuz she doesn't like to sit still or walk with me. I actually made a strap to use at the store to take with me, but lost it...UGH. I probably should make me another one. Anyway..I'm with ya girl!!! Kristen


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