May 8, 2006


An unusual, significant, or unaccountable fact or occurrence; a marvel.

The image before you is as described above. I don't think there has- or ever will be in the future- been such an occurrence before that all my sunglasses have been in the right place all at once. 98% of the time I can not find one pair. The other day I looked to my passenger seat in the van and was amazed that all 5 pair had collected in their "right" place... and since this photo only two pair remain.

I am pretty sure one pair is deep in the diaper bag, and another pair on top of the fridge. And I think the last pair is under the bed, but we may never know.


  1. sound just like me. My husband tell me my favorite say is "where are my sunglasses?" I lose them a lot too. Glad you found all of yours even if it was only for one day!!!

  2. I too have needed my sunglasses while driving and SURPRISE, they are not where they should be. I nag Matthew to keep his in one area - what a hypocrite I am!!!

  3. That makes me feel so much better to see that. I lose my sunglasses so often that I've started buying them at the dollar store, and I have about 12 pairs going at once.

  4. I kept a pair in the van . . . and my husband helpfully brought them in to the house. So I stashed them in purse, where they snapped in half.



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