May 11, 2006

incentive, baby!

Q: How do you get a baby to crawl?

A: 3 out of 3 babies in our house recommend the Remote Control.

Gray is officially doing the low-crawl-head-inchworm-wiggle-thing... whatever I choose to call it, it gets him moving forward, sideways, backwards: he's mobile- that's all that matters!


  1. Look out!!! Eli still hasn't figured it out (THANK GOD)...he rolls all over the room, and he spins on his stomach, but he won't go to all 4-s yet.. Good luck with the baby-proofing!

  2. The remote control is every baby's favorite toy. Second place? The cell phone!

  3. Isn't this funny!! Matt started crawling reaching for a remote too. How shocking that Mark would do the same - not really! :)

  4. How exciting...yeah it seems like babies really like those remotes!!! The little boy I baby-sit would army crawl to get ours!!! Our little guy learned to crawl trying to get a little bright orange ball. He wanted it really bad!!! Whatever works!!


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