May 15, 2006

false alarm

The other night we had a scare with Noah. He has been seizure-free over 1 yr & a half now, and we thought one might have broken through Friday night. We are always on constant alert and never take one seizure-free day for granted. Before becoming seizure-free, we would see our precious child have hundreds of seizures a day. Possibly seeing this happen again made our hearts stop for a minute or two the other night.

Our hearts have been recharged.

We talked to his doctor this morning and from everything I described, she thinks it was a night terror, and not a seizure. We had never seen a night terror before, so it's understandable that we would think it was seizures happening again. It's just been so long, and he is healed. And yes, he is healed.

We knew this in our hearts. It is a wonderful bonus to hear it in the "natural" coming from a professional, his doctor. He is coming so close to being able to start weaning off the diet. Rule is: must be seizure-free 2 yrs on the diet. We are almost there! To have to start all over again would be so hard, but we would do it if we had to.

We feel like we've been given back something that was never really taken away. This is why we walk, so that not another moment will be lost, if it is just for one person, one seizure...

God is so faithful. It was just a false alarm!


  1. I am so thankful to hear that it was just a false alarm! What a blessing to know where you have come from, and to experience such a wonderful outcome.

  2. That is WONDERFUL news. You must be so relieved!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!

  3. God saw your family through and He is so good!

  4. Praise God! That's wonderful news. You guys have presevered through so much.

  5. Thanks everyone- today I am working on breathing normally again... old wounds were still tender, but we're going to be ok! This is such a wonderful blessing, yes!


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