April 28, 2006

Walking the Walk

Most of our family & friends know how we have been affected by epilepsy and the wonderful testimony we have to tell of Noah's healing. Noah has been seizure-free over a year & a half now, and this will be his second seizure-free year walking in the Greater Chicago Epilepsy Walk.

Noah is seizure-free and medication-free on the
ketogenic diet. We are walking to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation in honor of Noah. This will also give us a great opportunity to tell others of Noah’s story. We hope to continue to be an encouragement and support to others.

The pic below is from last year's walk. This year we have even more walkers!! It's a great time in Lincoln Park- a pretty short walk and then we step right next door to visit the
Lincoln Park Zoo afterward!

Saturday May 20 we will walk again as the Buddy Bears team. So far we have raised over $1100! S
how your support if you'd like!

Go Buddy Bears!


  1. I'm so glad to read that he has been seizure free for 2 years!

    Best wishes with your walk!

  2. Thank you Nicki! Thank you for your donation- that was so sweet! Bless you!

  3. Congrats on 2-years seizure free!! I'm also walking for a cause (breast cancer) this fall, so my 'funds' are currently tied up, but I donated a little for your team - Good Luck!!!

  4. Thank you Eli's Mom!!!! I wish you good luck on your fundraising, too! Thanks so much again!

  5. That is so wonderful! What a blessing to have him seizure free!!

    My niece Hannah has a seizure disorder. She was on the diet for 2 years, and it helped tremendously. She had to go off of it due to high lipids and some kidney/liver issues stemming from the diet.

    She now has an implant in her vagal nerve...just got it a month ago. I think her seizures occur about 3 times a month at present.

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