April 22, 2006

Real Men Wear Babies

Reason Why We Babywear
Number 47

I love my hubby!!! This morning I "escaped" to run an errand (a.k.a. Starbuck's.) When I got home, all my boys were outside cleaning up the yard - and Jeff was wearing Gray in the mei tai!

They were cleaning up after the dogs in the backyard, then proceeded to the front to pull up dandelions. My heart grew a few sizes bigger seeing my tough hubby caring for Gray just as I would, and it was his own idea. Swoon.

This has been entered in Peppermint's June Babywearing Photo contest here.


  1. How sweet...what a great husband and daddy!!!

  2. That is so sweet!

    Nothing makes me fall more and more in love with my husband, than seeing him being a great Dad.

  3. MY hubby prob wouldn't be caught DEAD in mine! I have a purple maya wrap and a couple of knock-offs of the same that I made myself. I'd like to see it though. And catch it on film, for sure! LOL

  4. If only mine would do that!

  5. My hubby wears our baby, too. I should dig up a picture and post it.

  6. babywearing daddies rock!!! that's super cool. my hubby wears twilli a lot!


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