April 5, 2006

open eyes

Click on the above title or go to http://www.putchildrenfirst.org/- read the page & view the 4/6/06 ad if you are a parent, will be a parent someday, or know some parents... you get the picture!


  1. 1.My handful is unvaccinated because I read the book: The Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedter
    2.Wow, I am linking to this "Put Children First" on my blog
    3.I love the name of your blog
    4.I am linking to you on my blog

  2. better full: thank you! Dr. Neustaedter contacted me once by email to use Noah's story in his newsletter. Thanks for the link! I will link you, too!

  3. That's neat about the Dr. I posted on vaccines yesterday at Better Full Than Empty.


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