April 6, 2006

Nothing Was Taken

I held Noah in his bed tonight, stroking his soft, little boy hair through my fingers. I am continually overcome with thankfulness for this child, as we once almost lost him, in our eyes, we saw him slipping away and didn’t let go. The Lord spoke to me as I kissed his face, clear as day, “Nothing was taken.”

I lay there looking at this angel, my firstborn in my arms, growing up to be a young boy. And nothing was taken. The enemy came to kill and steal, but he did not take. He didn’t get away with it. It was like our home had been “broken into” but nothing was taken. We had a scare and felt violated and hurt, and had to make some changes, but nothing was taken from us.

Proverbs 10:25
When the storm is over, there is nothing left of the wicked; good people, firm on their Rock foundation, aren’t even fazed.


  1. WOW. That is beautiful--thank you so much for sharing that.

  2. That is neat to think about. "Nothing was taken" hmmm beautiful!

  3. Ahh. That was lovely.

    I feel that way about my daughter.

    Amen is right.

  4. Beautiful! Thank You for sharing.

  5. We just re-read Noah's story and this post...I read it out loud to Jacob and we both sit here with tears. So happy that nothing was taken, and also thinking of our own household. We are still in the thick of it, but nothing has been taken.

  6. I have no words but "thank you."


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