April 10, 2006

My dogs wear diapers

... and other Monday musings

Yes- my dogs wear diapers and that is the only reason they still live under our roof- otherwise they were doomed for the pound last week- the doggie diapers have saved them! No more “marking” and peeing on our furniture, and they’re not even trying to take the diapers off surprisingly… it’s a good thing.

Lessons I learned this weekend:

1. It’s OK to throw caution to the wind and let the kids play in the play place at Burger King. I prayed that they will not be infected with some weird play place disease. As a family we ate lunch and had a great time, and oddly enough we had the place to ourselves almost the entire time. (Maybe the other parents know something I don’t?) Seriously, the place was very clean and we did go a little later than normal lunch-time, so I am guessing & hoping that’s it…

2. When getting ready for church and you’re late- (hey- myself, 3 kids, & a husband to wake, feed, & get ready in the morning—if you have it figured out please drop me a line) -it makes no sense to have an attitude when other adults in the house are dragging behind and you have to be on-time for nursery duty… I had a bit of a bad attitude and it didn’t pay off one bit- with my hurrying and snippy-ness I ended up dropping an entire bottle of red wine vinegar in the kitchen, shattering it & splattering it all over myself and the rest of the house… not helping us on time at all, and in the end I felt bad and had to say I was sorry about the attitude anyway. Got to church at an OK time (not on-time, but OK) and there were no babies in the nursery yet anyway.

Learned to think of the big picture: rushing like a mad-woman, Mrs. Snippy Snappy to hubby & kids, all just to be a “good” Christian servant and on-time for the nursery? Sometimes our priorities do get a little skewed.

That was my teachable moment in all its vinegary goodness. Have a very happy Monday!


  1. Oh your poor dogs!!! But if it works thats great.

    I know how you feel. We have had mornings like that. Funny how stuff like that happens on a Sunday morning, when your mind should be thinking on good things. Oh well.

  2. beth- the dogs actually don't even act like the diapers bother them! I am surprised- I thought for sure they would tear them right off... but I am thankful it's working so far!

  3. Oh, I can get so stressed on Sunday mornings. Usually by the time we walk out the door the whole house looks like a tornado passed through.

  4. I hate myself on Sunday mornings when I end up rushing my kids and yelling at them so I can be on time to teach Sunday School. It's so silly!

    (Four kids, no husband because he's the pastor and he leaves really early.)

  5. I've learned that lesson about Sunday mornings too. It's a lesson that can easily be applied to every second of every day though.

  6. Your blog is always a good read, with so much interesting material in your life to write about.
    For me, at 50, there still manages to be things to slow me up on Sunday mornings. But you are quick to keep your heart in check.

  7. Linda (De's mom!): Thank you! I am glad you enjoy the blog- good to hear from you!

    Better Full, Mel, & Nicki: I think it's a common theme that no matter how early you get up (believe me I've tried!- even lay the clothes out the night before...) Sundays are always going to be a rush!! I see it as an obstacle to keep us from GOING to church- but we always make it!

  8. Oh, I am so there on Sunday morning! It's all "hurry up so we can go worship, doggone it!"

  9. I love the doggie diapers!!! My mom is here with her min pin, so I will have to show her!

    I am so wanting to get another min pin, but we travel so much on the weekend, it is just not possible right now!

  10. Gem: Thanks for visiting!

    Jody: Want one of my min pins? Actually now that the diapers are working, we're a happier family. They do need lots & lots of love and constant attention!


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