April 20, 2006

memory served

Yesterday I was tempted to put a new toy, say some stacking blocks, on the shopping list for Gray since he is sitting up well on his own now. Then I observe Noah with a couple sticks he found out in the yard and has been carrying around all day, and Carter with a drinking straw taped to a couple Legos… suddenly I am reminded of mothering those two previous 6-month-olds. I open the utensil drawer and hand Gray the measuring cups and a little plastic dish. His new favorite toys.


  1. I have been using the measuring cups and wooden spoons for 3 months with Eli and he is STILL not bored with them! His favorite is to sit in his bumbo seat on the kitchen floor and pull all the spatulas and wooden spoons out of the holder (which I put next to him). It's like a toybox for him! Gotta love the 'free' toys!

  2. Mark is more interested in my plastic spoons and bowls than the hundreds of toys in the family room. He is playing with an empty diaper box as I type!

  3. Asher just likes to play with the "big" toys--much to my chagrin. Here we have Duplo Legos for him, and yet he wants the little itty bitty ones that his big brothers have. Arrgghh.

    Thankfully, he's really good with them, but it still makes me nervous!

  4. Oh I totally agree. Babies love stuff like that. Our boys always get the bottom drawer in the kitchen of lids and spoons and what-nots. Good for you!

  5. Brilliant! All my boys need (even at ages 13 and 8) are sticks and mud and an occasional giant box.

    Oh, and Nintendo. ;)

  6. Good thinking! :)

    My oldest carried around an old water bottle filled with uncooked macaroni...for months!


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