April 25, 2006

The Happy Hubby

Last night I was able to get out for some long overdue girl time with a few of my dear friends. It was such a blessing and treat to be out for the night to just eat good food & chat with women my age who also have multiple little ones! I felt such a renewing and couldn’t wait to get back home and be a better wife & mommy. I guess my tank got filled!

One thing we talked about was the funny little things we do for our husbands. Of course, we all aren’t perfect and I mentioned how there are times I’ll wake up and hear hubby in the shower and have to run downstairs to get a clean towel out of the dryer because I managed to let the bathroom shelves run out of towels again! But 99% of the time I manage to get a nice clean towel folded & put out for him in time. A good suggestion was to throw a towel in the dryer to get it warm & soft for hubby when he gets done showering- that was a great idea! I am going to make an effort to try that. Some other suggestions are to put out his t-shirt or underclothes so everything is ready when he gets out. As I am typing this, these seem like silly little gestures, but you know all the little things do add up to make a very happy hubby, and a happy hubby makes a happy home!

What are some little things you do for your hubby?


  1. I bring him his slippers when he gets home and sometimes make him a hot footbath since he walks all day at work.
    I wish I could get my behind out of bed to see him off in the morning but so far no good.

  2. I am so lazy when it comes to the laundry...my LEAST fav part of life. *sigh* Anyway, alot of the time he is out of tshirts and I have to get one for him as he is getting into the shower. Sometimes I do exactly the same things as you. The towel thing. See, I get in the shower and end up using his towel. How am I supposed to remember who's is who's with 6 people in this house? I just grab one! LOL Anyway, most of the time I remember to take him a towel in there while he's showering. I hope more reply to this post and give me some more ideas! LOL

  3. Leaving notes are my speciality when it comes doing something nice for my hubby. He is planning to go out of town this weekend and I have some Post-Its set for his suitcase. :)

  4. These are all great ideas. I need to start doing little things like this on a more regular basis.

  5. I make him a cup of cappucino every morning, rain or shine. He looks forward to it, and as badly as I want mine, I always serve him his first.


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