April 4, 2006

Can you help me find my cell phone?

"Noah can you help me find my cell phone?"
I hear this coming out of the playroom yesterday. My three year old can't find his cell phone? Funny thing is that this is normal conversation between Jeff & me most days. Usually I just end up calling mine to find its mysterious locations.

Daddy: How old is daddy?
Carter: Thirty!
Daddy: How old are you & Noah?
Carter: Noah's 5 and I'm 3! (Holding up the appropriate fingers)
Daddy: How old is mommy?
Carter: Young and beautiful : )

Carter has a play cell phone and Daddy has been teaching him his cell number and amazingly Carter has memorized it!

Yesterday Carter asks me if I have a cell phone, too. I said yes and asked if he'd like to learn my number, too. He flips open his play phone and says, "but mommy, there is no 'young and beautiful' on my cell phone!"


  1. Oh...what a little sweetie.

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! I hope you are printing your posts off, they are precious. I am. I plan to make a binder of all of these for making a book for the boys. Its the little things that are so special.

    BTW...how nice you figured out the link thing...yahoo!

  3. Trina- wow moms of boys must think alike. Just last night I was laying in bed thinking of what my plans were to do today, and on the list was to print off what I've blogged so far and put it in a binder!!!

    I have found that the little things add up to way more than the big things- it's not just being there for the "big game" or first recital, first this, first that... it's observing and noticing things that could easily be missed. Knowing your child inside out. Kinda like stopping to smell the roses ALL the time- not just once in a while. Ok, I could do a whole blog here! : )


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