April 12, 2006


The dogs got out this morning- again!!! All three, and this time they were down the street by the time I threw on my flip-flops and made sure the kids were ok with me darting out of the house.

It took me a couple seconds to even figure out which way they went, then I saw all three clear at the end of our street by the train tracks. OF COURSE there would be a train at this time, with a whole line of cars backed up waiting, and watching me! I yell & call for the dogs- Gucci & Jake are pretty good and come quickly- running to the house. Dobie is a totally different story. Won't come & I can see him marking everything in sight. His diaper is going to be gross, I think! I feel really embarrassed yelling, chasing, coaxing Dobie back home. He acts like he is coming and then goes the other way, then across the street, finally I get him home- and see his diaper is missing. Oh man! Those things aren't cheap! I make sure all the dogs are inside, check on the kids, and then head back out to look for my dog's diaper! Thankfully the train has passed and the cars are mostly gone. I am really hoping no one is on their lawn or looking out their windows at me! I do a quick review of the yards, sidewalks, street... no diaper. I head back in the house to make sure he even had it on when he got out. Sure enough- diaper is on the couch downstairs. Sigh of relief.

Well, at least I got my exercise in for the day. Also- I did notice that my lilac bushes have BUDS!!! This really put me in a great mood! I am not even mad at the dogs anymore!


  1. Wow...how exiting. Well at least you didn't have to chase them down too much. Thats cool that your lilacs are blooming. They are so pretty and smell so good. Spring has sprung!!!

  2. beth: I looooove lilacs! The bushes are right by our front door and when they are in full bloom and I have the door open, the scent comes inside- it's the best!

  3. How funny. Chasing down a dog's diaper, poor you!


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