March 28, 2006

trash day lessons

Little things to big people are often big things to little people. You could probably find a life-lesson out of most ordinary things day to day if you take a moment. So, it's not too surprising that the weekly garbage pick-up brings me to reflection here this morning.

Our city's garbage trucks are the really cool kind that have the mechanical arm-thing that comes down and picks up the can, empties the contents in the truck, then sets it back down. Very fun for the boys to watch. We heard the truck this morning and the boys ran to watch from the playroom window. The garbage man is this rugged, rebel-Harley-type guy and he wears a camouflage cowboy hat. The boys were waving at him from the window, and I wasn't even sure he could see them, but he gave a smile and waved back from his big, cool truck- much to their excitement!

I bet most of us take our garbage man & truck for granted, and the majority of people probably dread having to take the garbage out, period. To my boys, it's an exciting part of their day to see this once-a-week event! Maybe the garbage man thought the same- he didn't have to wave or acknowledge my boys, but he did, and that made their day! It was a big deal to my little guys. Who knows, maybe it made his day, too?


  1. All my boys LOVED trucks of any kind. How nice of that gentelman to wave back. I love it when people are kind and go the extra mile.
    I am going to link you if you dont mind?

  2. Trina- I don't mind at all... I have been trying to figure out how to do the linking on my OWN site- any tips?

  3. In Blogger Help there is an 'edit my links' link. That will tell you how to do it.

  4. Actually if you go to and register it will help you put links on your site. I dont mind walking you through it. It sure is helpful. Just email me if you need my help.


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