March 20, 2006

Fill Your Tank!

Oh, the things that happen when you are in a hurry… this morning my hubby was running late for work and had some very important interviews to conduct. His eye was hurting and it looked like he was getting pink eye- something he gets often when the weather changes like lately. Bad timing! Couldn’t find the eye drops… so he is rushing out the garage and heading to Wal-Mart to get the drops we use. I was about to feed Gray and said a prayer or two. Then I hear the garage door coming up again, and Jeff’s back home. "Can’t drive… can’t see! You have to go to Wal-Mart fast, I am already late!” ooooookaaay… I am in pajamas and my hair- we won’t even go there. No time to even look for my hat. I run to the bathroom and smooth on foundation really quick, throw on my coat and I am out the door.

Getting to Wal-Mart SLOW. There is a car in front of me that is not brave enough to turn unless there are, like, no cars in sight. Finally I can go and this big senior citizen bus is in front of me turning now. I glance at the thing in our van that tells me how much gas I have- it says 5m DTE (distance to empty). I only have a couple miles to go, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I notice again, tho, that it has quickly by-passed 4 and is now sitting on 3 miles DTE. I hardly leave the house, so I don’t gas up much. And lately at $2.45 a gallon, I wait as long as I can hoping that the gas prices will be cheaper! I have to wait for a light, but then it’s smooth sailing from there. I run straight to the eye care section at Wal-Mart (side note: there are PLENTY of parking spaces at Wal-Mart at 7 AM!) I check out and am back in my car in (totally honest here!) 60 seconds! Now is when I look up in the van to check the DTE again … and it is sitting on ZERO. Yikes- I have about 2 miles to home. Not good. P.S. in a weird ironic twist of something weird the song “Not Enough Time” by INXS is playing on the radio at this exact moment! Arg! So, I have to get home super-fast, but am afraid to go too fast and run out of gas! (Won’t stepping on the gas make it run out faster?) I shut off the radio and the heater- whatever I can do to save energy! If I run out of gas that will surely make Jeff even more late to work, and then he’ll have to get the kids up and in the car and come get me… I call Mom (Jeff’s mom, but I call her “mom”, too) and have her talk me through it. I explain the situation. I basically just wanted someone to be there in prayer that I’d get home soon and not run out of gas! We even work out a plan that if I do run out, she'll head over to watch the kids while Jeff comes to get me (if he can SEE!), etc. I make it to the gas station near our home and think I have no choice but to get gas. I mean, I made it this far- let’s not tempt it even more. I run out, gas up a little over 2 gallons -I think it was almost $6 (Thank God for pay-at-the-pump!) then am home in about 45 seconds. Hubby gets his eye drops, waits a little bit to make sure he will be able to drive… and he is out the door. Then I finally b r e a t h e!

And of course as I see everything in life as a lesson… we gotta keep our tanks filled up! I thought, Praise God that we weren’t in an emergency situation, and praise God I didn’t run out of gas. And then I reflect on it and take it further- we must keep our own tanks filled- because life happens- good and bad, kids get sick; family, friends need you; work is demanding, etc. etc. and you have to be able to keep going! There is not always time to run to the gas station, or Starbuck’s, you know. In terms of His Word, you have to build yourself up, fill yourself up, be strong in the Word and have it handy! What good will I be if when I am really needed, I have nothing left in the tank?


  1. I must add to this... hubby came home late, bearing a card and a Kit Kat to say thanks. *sigh* love him.

  2. It's funny what sort of crises we get into. Just be glad you aren't paying the $8/gallon here! Oh, and a side note; you use less gas if you keep the tank full. :)

  3. De (Soteria)- my dad tells me this constantly (saying it also is not good to have the tank low all the time) and I *hopefully* have learned my lesson! $8 a gallon! Can't imagine.

  4. I am terrible about this. First of all everything is so far away that our tank is never full by the time we get to our destination. Good advice, I have been told this too, hard to do sometimes though.


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