March 22, 2006

Couldn't resist...

Ok, this is my blog and I can put whatever is important & of interest to me on here, right? Click on the title above- "couldn't resist" to see a cute & funny (although very real and serious) little video- "eye on the flu shot."


  1. OK, Stephanie, BUT that's not entirely untrue, right? Isn't there all that junk in alot of the vaccines that we put in ourselves (ie: our kids) these days? Last I knew, there was at least fermaldehyde and mercury.....

    Food for thought! Loved the video!

    OH BTW! Love your blog....:)

  2. Thanks for visiting, Kelly!

    And yes- EXACTLY. It is SAD but TRUE that those ingredients are in vaccines- and parents shouldn't expect the doctor to even KNOW or TELL you what's in there. Often they don't know and just want to "ease your mind" (also did you know they make money for every shot they give?)... If you vaccinate, READ THE PACKAGE INSERT YOURSELF- don't take your doctor's word for it. YUCK! Blind faith is NOT good in the medical community.


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