March 31, 2006


Someone has eyes for the pretty babies already! I didn’t even get to read this magazine yet and he’s already drooling all over it- literally!

March 30, 2006


A favorite little book of mine- Blessings for a Mother's Day by Ruth Bell Graham- was given to all the mothers at church on my very first Mother's Day. I find Mrs. Bell's writings so relatable even though her experience as a new mom was generations ago. I pull this little book out from time to time and it always brings a renewal, even when I didn't realize I needed it most.

One of her journal entries is as follows:

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. -Proverbs 12:25

Dear Journal,
Never let a single day pass without saying an encouraging word to each child.
Particularly wherever you have noticed any- even the slightest- improvement on some weak point. Some point at which you have been picking and criticizing.

And never fail to pass on any nice thing you have heard said about anyone to that child.

In David's prayer for Solomon, he said, "...prayer also shall be made for him continually; and daily shall he be praised" (Ps. 72:15)

"More people fail for lack of encouragement," someone wrote, "than for any other reason."

March 29, 2006

Cutie Patooties

I realized today that a lot of what I say has “ies” at the end… and the more I started to think about it, the more I really notice it!

I kiss his little cheekies and love it when he pulls off his sockies and plays with his toesies! I love putting cute little booties on his feetsies. Blankies are his lovies and he always gets the laughies around big brothers (a.k.a. his buddies). He gives great burpies, and his stinkies aren’t as fun, but he still gets lots of kissies & smoochies nonetheless.

March 28, 2006

trash day lessons

Little things to big people are often big things to little people. You could probably find a life-lesson out of most ordinary things day to day if you take a moment. So, it's not too surprising that the weekly garbage pick-up brings me to reflection here this morning.

Our city's garbage trucks are the really cool kind that have the mechanical arm-thing that comes down and picks up the can, empties the contents in the truck, then sets it back down. Very fun for the boys to watch. We heard the truck this morning and the boys ran to watch from the playroom window. The garbage man is this rugged, rebel-Harley-type guy and he wears a camouflage cowboy hat. The boys were waving at him from the window, and I wasn't even sure he could see them, but he gave a smile and waved back from his big, cool truck- much to their excitement!

I bet most of us take our garbage man & truck for granted, and the majority of people probably dread having to take the garbage out, period. To my boys, it's an exciting part of their day to see this once-a-week event! Maybe the garbage man thought the same- he didn't have to wave or acknowledge my boys, but he did, and that made their day! It was a big deal to my little guys. Who knows, maybe it made his day, too?

March 22, 2006

Couldn't resist...

Ok, this is my blog and I can put whatever is important & of interest to me on here, right? Click on the title above- "couldn't resist" to see a cute & funny (although very real and serious) little video- "eye on the flu shot."

March 20, 2006

Fill Your Tank!

Oh, the things that happen when you are in a hurry… this morning my hubby was running late for work and had some very important interviews to conduct. His eye was hurting and it looked like he was getting pink eye- something he gets often when the weather changes like lately. Bad timing! Couldn’t find the eye drops… so he is rushing out the garage and heading to Wal-Mart to get the drops we use. I was about to feed Gray and said a prayer or two. Then I hear the garage door coming up again, and Jeff’s back home. "Can’t drive… can’t see! You have to go to Wal-Mart fast, I am already late!” ooooookaaay… I am in pajamas and my hair- we won’t even go there. No time to even look for my hat. I run to the bathroom and smooth on foundation really quick, throw on my coat and I am out the door.

Getting to Wal-Mart SLOW. There is a car in front of me that is not brave enough to turn unless there are, like, no cars in sight. Finally I can go and this big senior citizen bus is in front of me turning now. I glance at the thing in our van that tells me how much gas I have- it says 5m DTE (distance to empty). I only have a couple miles to go, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I notice again, tho, that it has quickly by-passed 4 and is now sitting on 3 miles DTE. I hardly leave the house, so I don’t gas up much. And lately at $2.45 a gallon, I wait as long as I can hoping that the gas prices will be cheaper! I have to wait for a light, but then it’s smooth sailing from there. I run straight to the eye care section at Wal-Mart (side note: there are PLENTY of parking spaces at Wal-Mart at 7 AM!) I check out and am back in my car in (totally honest here!) 60 seconds! Now is when I look up in the van to check the DTE again … and it is sitting on ZERO. Yikes- I have about 2 miles to home. Not good. P.S. in a weird ironic twist of something weird the song “Not Enough Time” by INXS is playing on the radio at this exact moment! Arg! So, I have to get home super-fast, but am afraid to go too fast and run out of gas! (Won’t stepping on the gas make it run out faster?) I shut off the radio and the heater- whatever I can do to save energy! If I run out of gas that will surely make Jeff even more late to work, and then he’ll have to get the kids up and in the car and come get me… I call Mom (Jeff’s mom, but I call her “mom”, too) and have her talk me through it. I explain the situation. I basically just wanted someone to be there in prayer that I’d get home soon and not run out of gas! We even work out a plan that if I do run out, she'll head over to watch the kids while Jeff comes to get me (if he can SEE!), etc. I make it to the gas station near our home and think I have no choice but to get gas. I mean, I made it this far- let’s not tempt it even more. I run out, gas up a little over 2 gallons -I think it was almost $6 (Thank God for pay-at-the-pump!) then am home in about 45 seconds. Hubby gets his eye drops, waits a little bit to make sure he will be able to drive… and he is out the door. Then I finally b r e a t h e!

And of course as I see everything in life as a lesson… we gotta keep our tanks filled up! I thought, Praise God that we weren’t in an emergency situation, and praise God I didn’t run out of gas. And then I reflect on it and take it further- we must keep our own tanks filled- because life happens- good and bad, kids get sick; family, friends need you; work is demanding, etc. etc. and you have to be able to keep going! There is not always time to run to the gas station, or Starbuck’s, you know. In terms of His Word, you have to build yourself up, fill yourself up, be strong in the Word and have it handy! What good will I be if when I am really needed, I have nothing left in the tank?

March 16, 2006

a little perspective

I am not sure if it's even possible, but I try to be very sensitive to Carter's personality as the middle child... and today I was observing him with Gray and thought what a neat perspective he has to share with his little brother.

Carter was once the little brother, too, and can relate (if a 3-year old can relate, which I think they can) and I am so happy he gets to be the big brother, too, because he'll be able to experience Gray looking up to him.

We don't ever want Carter to feel stuck in the middle- and most likely he'll be sharing the "middle" with Gray someday when we expand our family even more!

March 9, 2006

life lesson

While we try to teach our children all about life,
our children teach us what life is all about.
Angela Schwindt

March 8, 2006

Five months old!

Gray just turned five months old and I had to share this adorable picture of him. He is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

Here is what I wrote in his journal exactly 5 months ago today, the day after he was born: It was amazing- you are an angel sent from above. How I love you with my every breath and my every thought- I am so honored that you are mine. Thank you Lord, for this treasure, this gift.

How is it that just seconds after they are born, you can't imagine living life without them?

March 2, 2006

2-year diet anniversary!

Today marks Noah being on the keto diet for two years!!! Wow. I do have to say it has come more quickly than I imagined!! March 5 will officially be the day we can say that he has only had 1 seizure in 2 whole years.

If you aren’t familiar with what the Ketogenic Diet really does to the body, here is my short version- Your body normally burns glucose for energy. While on the Ketogenic Diet, the body burns fat for energy. When the fat is burned, ketones are produced in the brain. Ketones control seizures. In ancient times, people would fast to rid themselves of seizures. The Ketogenic Diet mimics fasting, while the body can still have food.

All of Noah's meals are weighed to the nearest gram.
An example of what Noah eats:

breakfast- 15g crisp bacon, 22g butter, 45g fruit (low glycemic like strawberries or orange), & 60g heavy cream. I make his cream like ice cream- I can add a little sugar-substitute, food color, & natural flavor syrup. Lately he wants blue-raspberry!

lunch- 23g chicken tenders (which is about 1 1/2 nuggets), 16g ranch dip, 11g olive oil, & 50g cream.

A typical snack is 10g macadamia nuts with 4g butter.

There is no room for error & no room for "extras." His meals are calculated to be specific by calories and all of the meal must be eaten in one sitting for the diet to work.

Noah had hundreds of seizures a day. By day 4 on the diet (the first 4 days of the diet is initiated in the hospital) Noah was seizure-free. He has had only one seizure since being on the diet, and that was in the fall of 2004 due to an ear infection.

Noah is still the best little human being ever about it all. Just yesterday when he was having his cream, he looked at me with the sweetest eys and said "Thank you mommy for making yummy blue cream for me" and oh gosh did my heart want to break. Could he make it any easier for me?

Read about Noah's Story here.

Updated 3/5/12 Noah is still seizure-free, going on 7 1/2 years seizure-free now. He came off the Ketogenic Diet in August 2006.