February 22, 2006

magic remedy?

Gray was the fussiest he has ever been for me- I am sure it's from teething, but nothing was soothing him!!! He was so upset and it was getting quite pitiful. Nursing, changing, burping, rocking... he was not wanting it. I throw on the sling... instantly calmed and quiet, and within about 1 minute- sleeping like a baby. He's resting in my arms right now, swaddled close to me in the sling, and is so beautiful.


  1. Hello,
    I just bought your robeez shoes from ebay. I feel a little stalkish coming over here, but I saw on your email to me your blogspot and I blog on this site too. I hope you dont mind me checking out your blog and commenting..LOL I have 5 boys, and I see you have 3, and they are beautiful!!

  2. That is so precious. If I have another baby, I will wear him.


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