February 7, 2006

Being silly, shutting the door, etc.

Moms, you gotta remember to lighten up! This is mostly directed at me as I am trying more to be silly with my boys and more fun... realizing that someday they will NOT think I am funny and I will not be able to do the goofy things they crack up at now! Get down on the floor while you can and play- get to their level. SO WHAT if there are dishes in the sink and a pile of laundry on the floor. You'll get to it eventually- you always do!

And just today I had a choice to get upset over the disaster of a playroom I was looking at, and I chose to shut the door! "They can clean it later," I thought. And I didn't let it bother me.

Now, I am not encouraging a slovenly lifestyle- please keep your house neat and safe for everyone's sake! But, for those rare moments you have with your little ones, choose them over the not-so-important stuff. I have come to learn that my "little ones" aren't so little already!


  1. I completely agree. Life goes by fast, enjoy them while you have them.

  2. Okay. Taking your advice. Getting off the 'puter to read to the baby.


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