February 24, 2006

be thankful...

During Gray's bath today I was overcome with thankfulness that I can stay home with my kids, that I don't have to work, that my hubby is blessed with a great job to support our family. He had to work late, but when he called on his way home he told me some wonderful news... he got an awesome promotion! With a nice pay raise! Need I even mention that God is Good? I will anyway. He is very Faithful. God is very Good.

February 22, 2006

magic remedy?

Gray was the fussiest he has ever been for me- I am sure it's from teething, but nothing was soothing him!!! He was so upset and it was getting quite pitiful. Nursing, changing, burping, rocking... he was not wanting it. I throw on the sling... instantly calmed and quiet, and within about 1 minute- sleeping like a baby. He's resting in my arms right now, swaddled close to me in the sling, and is so beautiful.

February 17, 2006

teach them love

Hug your kids, kiss them, love them, hold them no matter how old... it teaches them to be compassionate towards others as well.

February 7, 2006

Being silly, shutting the door, etc.

Moms, you gotta remember to lighten up! This is mostly directed at me as I am trying more to be silly with my boys and more fun... realizing that someday they will NOT think I am funny and I will not be able to do the goofy things they crack up at now! Get down on the floor while you can and play- get to their level. SO WHAT if there are dishes in the sink and a pile of laundry on the floor. You'll get to it eventually- you always do!

And just today I had a choice to get upset over the disaster of a playroom I was looking at, and I chose to shut the door! "They can clean it later," I thought. And I didn't let it bother me.

Now, I am not encouraging a slovenly lifestyle- please keep your house neat and safe for everyone's sake! But, for those rare moments you have with your little ones, choose them over the not-so-important stuff. I have come to learn that my "little ones" aren't so little already!

February 2, 2006

Making a wish...

We recently returned from an amazing trip to San Diego, CA courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation of Indiana. Our son Noah has a rare form of epilepsy- Doose Syndrome or Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy (MAE.) He was granted his wish "to go to the zoo to see polar bears, whales, & dolphins" and they sent us to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the Wild Animal Park. It was so wonderful! We were given the royal treatment and stayed in a great 2-suite w/kitchen hotel room, mini-van for the rental car, spending money, etc.! On our free day we drove up the coast to Disneyland! For the kids, it just doesn't get any better than that!

One thing I can say, whether you have a well child or not, take a moment to really watch your children and see how they react to the small things, know how they play and why they do the things they do, take a long look at them now because they DO grow up so very fast, and your relationship with them affects so many aspects of their life and who they become.

It was so rewarding to see Noah so happy and just "being a kid" to the best of his ability. He is doing awesome on the Ketogenic Diet- seizure-free now for over 1 year. His diet restricts him to enjoy life as much as most people, but that's probably because we place too much importance on food PERIOD! We are looking forward to the day where he is not on the diet anymore and remains seizure-free... it will be here sooner than we know!

For more information on Doose Syndrome and Noah's story, please visit www.doosesyndrome.com . For more info on the Make A Wish Foundation, please click on the "Making a wish" title of this blog.