January 9, 2006

I'm a Mei Tai girl!

Well, I got another baby carrier the other day and think this one is "the one!" I wanted to try this traditional style carrier since I already use the ring slings and a pouch. We're going to San Diego next week and I wanted something that was great for a lot of walking, and this one has two shoulder straps and I have heard that it's very comfy. Well, I love it. Here's the pic right after I got it out of the mailbox (me without makeup and sporting crazy hair, but that's kinda normal!) Before I was done taking photos, Gray was asleep- showing his approval, too! Now I am determined to take a break from buying anymore carriers... altho I have yet to try a wrap! Maybe further down the road!

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  1. I was thinking about a mei tai when looking for a sling.

    In fact, I had one on order but the owner emailed me and said there was a mistake and the type of fabrick I wanted wasnt in any longer.

    So, I just asked for a refund. ;) I'd really prefer to try different slings on rather than buy online, but I can't locate any but the types sold in wal-marts.

    Which are nothing like the slings online.


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