January 28, 2006

Cute Quiz!

This was from another webgroup I am in (Slightly Crunchy Attachment Parenting in yahoo groups)- a quiz to take to see how "crunchy" you really are... I am "pretty crispy" which sounds about right! (Click on the title "Cute Quiz" to see how you do!)

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  1. I got here through a friend... http://morris-musings.blogspot.com

    I am new to a more AP lifestyle and I am loving it. I took this survey that you mentioned here and actually had sent it to that same friend. I got the same rating you did. I plan on checking back into your blog often.

    p.s. I have 3 sons, the oldest of which was dx with PDD/NOS / high-functioning Autism. I am researching the vax issues...but being pg with out 4th babe now we have already decided to postpone until at least 2 years....or indefinately. Hope to get to know you.



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