December 30, 2005

What's best for baby?

It is so confusing with books on anything and absolutely everything when it comes to babies, parenting, etc... so how do you know what is best? I guess I can only comment on what I think is best for my children... and I think that is the key. I have found now on my 3rd baby, that what works best for me is to just go with what seems natural, my motherly instincts. I feel breastfeeding is best not only for all the wonderful benefits you hear about from the medical community, but also as it is "natural" and designed by God to be how a mom provides for her baby. It is an emotional benefit as well as nutritional and physical, for both mom & baby.

I would never want to make any mom feel she needs to defend her parenting style. We are all so different and brought up so many different ways. We all have unique experiences in life that influence our decision making styles. Our oldest son's illness definitely impacted our decisions in parenting for our baby now. We look at everything so differently, from much clearer perspectives.

Gray had his 1st really deep belly laugh yesterday. It was the best thing ever at that moment. Here he is pictured in the pouch, so happy and asleep.

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