December 7, 2009

Sakura Bloom Triathlon Round Three Videos: Put A Sling On It

I am just, wow. I'm thrilled with each of these videos and love them all individually so much. I encourage you to watch every one if you have the chance.

Have you ever been so in awe of how creative and unique and precious people are? Watch these videos and be awed.

I have had such an amazing time doing the Sakura Bloom Triathlon and am thankful for getting to know all the contestants. This concludes Round Three. I'll announce the winner of this round later today. And the grand prize winner will be announced later this week, with a special surprise.

And now, the videos:

Leigh's entry:

Leigh blogs at Marvelous Kiddo.

Watch Danielle's video entry.
Watch Donya's video entry.
Watch Becca's video entry.
Watch Sara Sophia's video entry.
Watch Marcela's video entry.

Stay tuned for the other contestants' videos. I'll be uploading them all day as they come in!

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  1. OH.MY.WORD! Too cute! How do people come up with this stuff?

  2. I JUST DIED OF LAUGHTER. That is positively hillarious. 'If you love it then you shoulda put a sling on it!'

    Too freakin' funny. Well done, Leigh!

  3. This is waaay above fantastic! How do people think of this stuff??? I LOVEEEEE it!

  4. I'm trying not to cry at all three of these videos because I realize that I just CAN'T wear my baby in the ing sling enough. All of the videos are great!!

  5. All these videos are fantastic! I can't imagine how you are going to choose a winner.

  6. This is THE best thing EVER. I simply freaking love that song (so do my boys) and this just rocked my world. Thank you for putting such a smile on my face.


  7. Love this music video! TOO creative!

  8. I said before, "Leigh, you are made of win."



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