October 1, 2005


I am Stephanie Precourt, wife to Jeff (married 10/9/99), & mom to 3 beautiful little men- Noah (2/16/01), Carter (7/10/02), Grayson (10/7/05), and my home-birthed sweet girl Ivy LaRue (9/15/08).

I'm babysteph on Twitter.


My latest big babywearing post explains a lot:
Adventures In Babywearing 2.0. I support and endorse these babywearing shops.

My heart
I am passionate about being a Mom and being myself.
And being who God wants each of those parts of me to be. I am working on being a much better wife. See also: Rockstar Juice.

My camera
is a Nikon D60 and I edit my photos in Picasa and sometimes Picnik.

View my Flickr page.

My jobs
I write at Real Moms Guide and am a freelance writer for NWIparent Magazine and the NWIparent blog Close To Home.

My story
I was a writer since I could first hold a pencil but I didn't start writing online until 2001 when I had my first son. (Way back on Yahoo's Geocities!) And then just kept our family photos and events on the private Myfamily.com. After the birth of our third son Gray in the fall of 2005, I was on a new parenting journey with a more "natural" approach. I decided to start blogging and have never looked back.

I had only read one blog before starting mine- my friend Deliverance was an Expat in Scotland at the time and was blogging to keep in touch with everyone back home. So, when I came up with my title it was mainly a fun name I didn't put much thought into. I did a lot of babywearing (and still do.)

In 2003 my oldest son was diagnosed with Epilepsy. We found healing through [our faith and] the Ketogenic Diet. He is seizure-free, med-free, & ketogenic diet-free today. You can read more about Noah's story here. Also a recent post, Surviving Epilepsy.

My middle son Carter had a peanut allergy. He outgrew it.

My youngest son Grayson is allergic to dairy, eggs, & nuts. I am really hoping he outgrows that.

My baby girl Ivy LaRue was born at home. :)

Where I go to church:

Got a question or just want to contact me? Send me an email: stephanie.precourt [@] gmail.com

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Ads appearing below "Advertisements" in my sidebars have been placed there in exchange for monetary compensation. Links on my site are monetized by VigLink and I might receive some compensation if you click on any link and make a purchase.

On rare occasions
I am sent on a trip or given products to keep. If I like them and think they are worth spreading the word (and maybe a discount or freebie) on to you, I will do so. I will always let you know when I did not buy the item myself.

I will also share about things that I did not get for free and instead bought with my own money but still think is awesome anyway. Often I give info about Ivy's outfits on my blog and flickr, and include the brand or store I purchased them from. If they are (on rare occasion) a review item, I will let you know. Most often it's just stuff I've purchased myself.

If you have any questions about any part of this disclosure, please contact me at
stephanie.precourt [@] gmail.com