June 14, 2010

freckles or no freckles

silly girl

Today was a laaaazy day. I paid someone my hair coloring money to weed and trim the landscaping out front, so that I wouldn't have to (because let's face it, I was never going to go out there and do it myself. Maybe after first getting a new pair of gardening gloves from Target [$12] and then everything else I would put in my cart that I don't need [$morethanwhatIpaidtheguy])

So see there? I actually came out ahead.

We had friends over and went on two walks, but even with all that we did (and didn't) do, the dishes got done, the laundry got put away, the kids ate good meals, and it was a pretty good day.

happy life
purified happiness

Also- I logged into my Feedburner account for the very first time since I created it however many years ago, and I set up a way to subscribe to my blog via email and have my posts sent right to your inbox.

And, I wrote about Father's Day at NWIparent.

gray green eyes
I had a dream he had freckles across his cheek, over his nose, to his other cheek.

(these photos are just random ones I happen to love that I've taken in the past week.


  1. I've been having odd dreams lately too....btw I love the photos of the kids. : )

    I bet your flower bed looks pretty, do you have photos of it?

  2. Love all those cute pictures :-) Have a good week. enjoy the nice weather and those cute smiles!!!!

  3. I love the photos! Ivy upside down is too cute!

    I had a similar day yesterday but I was so happy to get work done! I love that I have two kids now and I LOVE nursing him and just studying Liam and loving him and watching my daughter love on him and enjoy being a big sister... but I have been feeling a twinge of guilt for not being able to do more around the house [plus anxiety from looking at the mess!] So I enjoyed having the ability to do more and clean yesterday.

  4. His eyes are incredible, Steph. I didn't realize how beautiful they were until now!


  5. the email subscription thing rocks. Just saying.

    And so do your photos.

  6. Love Ivy's downward dog. My Ivy does that pose all the time.

    And I'd say your hair coloring money was well spent.


  7. i like your thought process about the gardening. alas, i did it yesterday.

    i could totally see gray with freckles.

  8. I have to say that I am SO happy I am finally able to subscribe via email! thanks!

  9. Love your little guy's big eyes! And that mohawk is still REALLY cool! :D

  10. Adorable photos, photos are my favorite parts of blogs :)

    vanessa inevergrewup.net

  11. I love that first picture!! :)

  12. Ivy is so funny. I love flowers, but I kind of hate landscaping. When I am old and I don't have tiny kids who try to run in the street, that it when I will weed my landscaping bed.

  13. The word verification for my email sub was




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