November 27, 2014

Thanks to you

It's a rainy here so it's a perfect day to stay inside. The turkey is in the oven and family has arrived. Ivy slept on an air mattress in Noah's room and did some major teeth grinding all night. She might be sleeping in my closet tonight. Gray is bored in his room. Carter is peeling potatoes at the sink with Grandma and is almost as tall as her. Much yelling at football on the TV is a happening. It's loud in here. No one knows where anything is but me. I love it. So thankful.

I posted a video over at Listen To Your Mother. Do watch. Happy Thanksgiving! 

November 26, 2014

Pies! Pies! Pies!

I've baked the pies and other things and bought the stuff and filled the pantry and am checking things off my list at lightning speed. Jeff's on his way home from Portland with his parents and we are about to do up Thanksgiving big time. The kids have a half day so after I pick them up I'll be getting the oven going on its second round of baking. This busy-ness is super good for my soul today, everything's coming up Millhouse, and I might even squeeze in a nap.

November 25, 2014

The ups and downs

Hearing from my kid's doctor is very roller coastery.

I'm like YAY! He called me back and even before the holiday and he remembers who we are. I like this new doc. He is Awesome.

Then I remember oh wait, it totally sucks that my child needs this kind of doctor to begin with. Ugh. Plus he has not good news about the latest lab results. The area around my heart starts to hurt. This is not awesome.

But then he's encouraging and offering great suggestions and saying let's get you in sooner than your next appointment and let's get him off that scary med and on something that will work and that's pretty cool and exactly what I was hoping for.

And we hang up and I am back to reality really looking it in the face and I'm so so low. With worry and sadness and frustration. It's almost Thanksgiving and I am so thankful and won't let this cloud that but it is totally clouding up the place right now. I can't fake it or hide that.

Back to Seattle we go again and I'm praying that we get closer to the fix.

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