January 29, 2015

Things to write down :: week four "Junuary Edition"

January in Bandon by the Sea is fondly called Junuary around these parts, aka Bandiego.

It's gorgeous. By far my favorite month here.

Coincidentally two years ago this week we left a snow storm in Ohio and made the cross-country trip to live here. Right about now we were in Colorado, I think. But on our way.

Saturday we went out for breakfast during a showing and I was feeling pretty low. Then Gray shared that when he had a bath in our huge tub the night before that it was "like the bath was buttered" and I about lost it laughing so hard because I'd forgotten the oils I'd put in my own bath a few nights before - they were left over from my massage that week (grapefruit and rosemary, I think.)  

Then we came home and napped a healing nap, like, the whole day. I woke up just in time to take the kids for ice cream and then we headed down to the beach for quite the sunset show. 

I mean....

Sunday we drove down to Port Orford and Gold Beach and it was  s p e c t a c u l a r.

Today we went on a walk with friends and enjoyed the sunshine. I'm feeling more on the everything is going to be okay side of things. I decided that right now my wish is for the kids to finish the school year here and that we will move to a house of just the right size with as much natural light as this one. It might not have an ocean view but I do love trees and mountains and sky. 

Next week is... February! And another Seattle trip. 

January 26, 2015

Bouncy House

There was a bouncy house at the grocery store the other day and I forgot I took this slo-mo of Ivy. I have been watching it over and over and find it incredibly soothing. 

I will probably never remember to turn my camera when going from photo to video, and that is okay.

January 21, 2015

Small town girl

It was "everyone line up so I can floss you" night. You know what that means... dental check-ups tomorrow! And go figure a pediatric dentist who doesn't have after school hours. Ugh. What is up with that.

So, word got around about our loss this week. There I am in the grocery store when a teacher from the kids' school stopped me in the soup aisle and somberly acknowledged that she heard the news about Domino the gerbil. She's not even one of my kids' teachers.

I'm going to miss this small town. And that is the truth. As we look for our new house I keep checking the small towns just as much as the big ones. Today I had coffee with friends and saw several other people I knew -- two of whom I would see again later in the day at the grocery store. That's just how it is here. You see the same people at all the places and while at times it would be nice to be invisible the familiar feels good, too.

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